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Hiiiiii, I'm Nate, a Lafayette, Indiana wedding photographers.

But I'm also your new bestie!

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I'm more focused on "clicking" with couples like YOU who obsess over local watering holes (like Cellar Wine Bistro which has the classiest wine vibe around) or travel hacking their next anniversary trip like a mad scientist! 

Yes, I “click” a button to take your photos, but that's not the type of clicking that matters to us.

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I won’t spend much time convincing you that we take the best photos because you can see them right here. From your epic engagement session which we’ll help you plan from flight to finish all the way up to your final dance and sparkler exit, we’re here for you, serving with (a little) sass, a lot of guidance, and lots and lots of love. 

— I've got You covered! 

Oh yeah, back to the wedding photos


Hi! I’m Nate and I’m married to my best friend, Felicia! We have a little rescue shorkie named Princess and our sweet pup, Pika! 


I love travel! Travel hacking and planning is my other love language and I live for empowering my couples to travel too!

Watch our Hawaii vow renewal from 2020!


In 2022 we decdied to open our lives to a new adventure and are fostering to adopt a teenage boy named Freddie.


My favorite places to visit are Hawaii, Las Vegas, Coastal California, and Utah. These places have such great memories for Felicia and I.


I love timeless, true to life color photography. I think that when we look back on our photos, timelessness will matter.


I'm a total cheerleader for my couples. I also want them to have a stress-free day. So I always do whatever I can in my power to ensure their day is as stress-free and easy as possible.

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