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Lindsey and Shawn – A Maternity Session

Sweetness and comedy I think sum up this couple in just a few words. Of course, everyone is very intricate and detailed but when it comes down to the basics, sweetness and comedy seem to make sense. Lindsey and Shawn are newlyweds, this year. They were wed in Indianapolis at a gorgeous indoor venue that had the most beautiful images highlighting and curating their day.

When I think of how marriages work, I think, of course, on my own. My wife and I are very different people. We have many differing personality traits that one wouldn’t be sure always mesh well, but 4 years later, we’d have to agree that things are just fine! Shawn and Lindsey I believe have differing personality types as well. While Shawn is outspoken, funny, and more mischievous than he may let on, Lindsey is cool, collected, and sweet. I don’t have to think, but rather just know that these two, soon to be three, will make excellent parents to baby Elara since I know it takes both types of personalities to well balance a child.

Lindsey and I have known each other since we were very young, attending the same church growing up. Isn’t it funny how one place can unite so many different people? I’ve watched Lindsey grow into a beautiful woman, wife, and soon to be first-time mother. That beauty shone through at this shoot down at Avon Town Hall Park with her husband, Shawn. And while I didn’t originally have us planning to go there for the shoot, I believe it was the perfect place for us and could not have been more beautiful.

We trekked over concrete, grass, and thorns, walking away a little scratched up and maybe a bit bloody, but absolutely feeling so genuinely excited for their future adventure with little baby Elara who is due any time at the end of the month/early November. Shawn, my champion, was amazing at helping me haul and hold some big lights that we brought out to really make these images dramatic and highlight all of the beauty that Lindsey and Shawn have created. We even got to use one of the new smoke bombs I purchased and I am so glad that we did. Enola Gaye Smoke Bombs, folks–it’s where it is at.

The end of the session, my favorite was graced with the most beautiful sunset over a green meadow out of sight from everyone and then an almost full moon after that, which we captured thanks to Shawn’s keen eye. This session may go down as one of the most beautiful one’s I’ve captured so far!

So without further delay, here are some of my absolute favorites from Lindsey and Shawn’s maternity session.

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