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Maria and Robert – Faith, Friendship, and Marriage – A West Lafayette Wedding

God has so many different plans for us. It takes a lifetime to know all of those plans but each day is a new mystery revealed and a new adventure to undertake. Robert and Maria are an absolute testament to His divine plan and how two strangers from different parts of the world can come together, fall in love, and have their happily ever after.

Robert and Maria met through church in West Lafayette. At first, friends, and as they began to grow together through campus ministries, outreach, and through the serving of those that they love, they too began to realize that there was more than just friendship in their future. Robert and Maria would eagerly and frequently host Bible study in college and while one might prep the teaching, the other was preparing food. It was an collaborative match which I believe make for the best marriages. Their relationship was made stronger through the distance of Maria visiting her family in Turkey, Robert interning with NASA, and of course through their mutual faith and love for the Lord.

The wedding day was such a beautiful approach to marriage and while the couple was married in a church, their ceremony was so much more than just that. Maria and Robert, along with their closest, nearest and dearest all came together to witness the joining in their love through praise, worship, and of course, matrimony. Their day was filled with so much joy and love. So many people breaking away to pray for their relationship, for their marriage, and for their very future. So many loved ones from as far as Russia coming together to be a part of this day.

Maria and Robert started their day getting ready and had their first look alone. Afterward, we were able to move directly into some of their detail images, bridal portraits, and then their larger family photos. Everyone was so kind and supportive throughout the day and worked together to ensure that Robert and Maria’s wedding day was unforgettable.

Their reception, at Duncan Hall was elegant and upbeat. Their first dance to “Fly Me to the Moon” from Frank Sinatra set the classic tone but was met with fusion excitement as Blue Nile, a local Mediterranean restaurant catered their dinner (which was absolutely delicious!) Mama Ines, a local and authentic Mexican Bakery provided the sweet treats which were followed by some of the most heartfelt speeches from family and friends. During one particularly moving speech, it was shared that Maria and Robert, while dating, still made time for their friends and during Bible study would sit apart to commune not just with one another but with their Christian family as well.

The reception dance floor was filled with so many dancers that it was sometimes hard to keep track of Maria and Robert who spent their time both dancing and visiting with everyone.

Along with all of the beautiful people in attendance, Maria and Robert made sure to make their wedding even more their own by implementing lots of DIY details such as paper flowers made from old book pages, paper hearts from books in place of rose petals to walk down the aisle to, and of course, hobby rockets as center pieces on each table.

I am so grateful to have been a part of their special day and I know that their marriage will continue to flourish as they serve the Lord and one another.

Maria’s Advice to future brides: “Do the things that are meaningful to you! We called the restaurants we liked, and they were happy to cater for us even though they don’t usually do weddings. We included items for the LTHC on our wedding registry because we respect & appreciate the work that organization does, and it’s been fun to get those gifts, too.”

Dress: David’s Bridal (but modified by seamstress Sallie Janowiak)
Tux: Men’s Warehouse
Floral: Wright’s Flowers

Caterers: Kitchen Anatolia (apps), Blue Nile

Cake: Mama Ines
Ceremony: Covenant Church West Lafayette

Reception: Duncan Hall

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