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Andria & Dietrich – A Wedding

I am someone who loves to order things chronologically. To me, it makes the most sense. From the pictures that I take, to the memories that I’m keeping, time is the one constant in both my personal and professional lives. Along with that, comes how I like to order my blog posts. It’s been a little bit since my last post, mostly because my year continues to get busier and busier and I love that. No matter how busy I get, however, I always love meeting all the new people that come into my life. I’m never too busy to respond to an e-mail, even if it’s just a quick one telling them that I’ll get back to them soon. Time is of the essence is something I hold true, but I also know another truth about time. On one side, time dictates how we live our lives–how we budget, how we decide when the time is right for something, how long culture dictates that we work, and a million other reasons. The flipside of the coin, pardon the cliche, is that time is not actually a tangible or ‘real’ phenomenon. It’s just the aging of our bodies, the wisening of our minds, the turning of the tides. Time technically isn’t real. But we use it. We waste it. And we pine for it when there is no more. But what are we really wanting? Experiences. Experiences define us, shape us, and give way to all the love that we’ve felt all of our years.

Time for Andria and Dietrich has been something a little out of the ordinary. You see, Andria and Dietrich have been sweethearts since high school. (Funnily, enough, they’re my second high school sweethearts to ask me to be their photographer). They’ve spent years dating, going to dances, working on building a relationship with one another and around the Lord. But I bet if you asked either one of them, if they’d do it all over, spending the years they have growing to love one another, overcoming hardships, evolving into who they are as adults from children, they’d both say without hesitation, that they would do it again, and again, and again.

Dietrich and Andria reached out a few weeks ago for a wedding photographer. For me, it was fairly last minute but I had the weekend available. I also happen to know Deitrich’s father, Dave, who is an excellent and God fearing man, working as the Chaplain at the Indiana Veterans’ Home. So, knowing that if Deitrich were anything like his father, who is I consider humble, forthright, and genuine, it would be an amazing wedding.

And it was.

Andria has lived these past few years with her grandfather at his home in West Lafayette. While he lives in a very beautiful and large home, which Andria occupies in the spacious and finished basement, it’s not the home exactly that made me absolutely love photographing this location. Andria’s grandfather lives on quite a few acres of land with rolling hills, polished and beautifully curated gardens, a pond, and his own special workshop aptly named a “museum” by those kindred to him.

The wedding was simple but elegant. Andria was adorned in her mother’s wedding dress, which she had fitted to her. The flowers she chose for her bouquet were specifically hand picked as some of her favorites and their nearest and dearest all came to see them promise themselves to one another.

We spent the afternoon laughing, running around through the gardens, and trying to stay as close to our allotted time as possible. It was unusually cool for a July day, (read not scorching hot) and so it was very pleasant to be outdoors, capturing their memories, and watching them make new memories together as husband and wife.

Wish this happy couple all of the best. They certainly deserve it after years and years of dating and growing together.

Thanks, Andria and Dietrich. You two are lovely.


Chair rentals: Midwest Rentals

Cake: Clara’s Cakes

Flowers: Rubia Flower Market

Dress Alteration: Carol Anderson – Bridal Custom Alterations

Tuxedo: Louie’s Tux Shop

Reception: Bello Terra Golf Course

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