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The McCoy Wedding

Life is full of surprises. If you’re like me, you’re fairly partial to the good ones. Natalie and Ryan’s love story begins during her time at basic training. She called an old friend from high school to chat with them and during the conversation, asked to be put on with Ryan, her friend’s older brother. She told him all about training and how things were and their first conversation on the telephone ended with him asking who she was again. Nevertheless, after she quickly reminded him of who she was, they continued their conversations all throughout her basic training, into the nights causing Natalie little sleep. When she came back, she and Ryan began dating. They were engaged later and received their first surprise that they were not only engaged but expecting a baby! 

So, their plans changed a bit and their wedding was bumped up a little sooner since November is her due date. 

Natalie and Ryan’s wedding took place in Lafayette in his parent’s backyard in their recently renovated and GORGEOUS home. It was the perfect setting for their friends and family to see their union off to a successful and wonderful start. A tasty dinner, some heartwarming speeches, especially from Natalie’s father, Paul, and a first of many married dances, Natalie and Ryan are set for eternity. This couple makes weddings look easy. Their cool but organized approach to the day kept everything going perfectly and despite having to have worked on his wedding day, Ryan was a great sport and a wonderful new husband to his beautiful wife. Here’s some of my favorites from their wedding day!

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