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Claire & Ed – An Engagement

Howdy folks! 

If you’ve kept up with this blog, you know that I have not been quite as faithful blogging as I wanted to this year. However, I can tell you that I’ve had some amazing sessions, a lot of work, and have made some great new connections with brides and grooms for this coming year and beyond! 

Do you remember last Summer at the Foley Wedding? I met a gorgeous couple who were just dating at the time. Claire and Ed. Now, Ed is the brother of the part-owner of Folie, Sean, who is an amazing man and who I had the honor of photographing not only his restaurant but also his wedding day. Ed and Claire recently got engaged on Easter and when I heard about it, I knew I had to send them a message congratulating them and to see if they had plans for photography. 

Normally I am not that forward about photographing someone but I had to be honest and say that they are people that I feel would emote well, showcase their love, and I wanted to help them create memories that they’re going to have forever. 

Claire and Ed then make the announcement that they’re moving to Colorado! Hurray, my favorite state. But alas, I am not a Colorado photographer, I’m in the Midwest and at this point in my career I didn’t see it feasible unless they chose to work with me on travel. So — I recommended my favorite photographer, Brittany Photographs who will be photographing my wife and I this fall in Indiana. But she’s local to Colorado and thought it might better work for their needs.

Claire then tells me that they’re getting married in Indiana and would love for me to photograph them. So, I humbly and excitedly agreed and we made plans for their engagement shoot.

Claire grew up in southern Michigan and so my wife and I made a trip up to some of our favorite wineries in SoMi and photographed Ed and Claire. Their session was an absolute treat because I got to watch as two people who were currently living over 1000 miles apart (Ed moved to Colorado a few weeks back) reunite and love on each other. 

So we adventured to the beach, dunes, downtown, and even back to her parents gorgeous home. Here’s a little sample of our amazing day, to which afterward they treated us to the most amazing pizza at Silver Beach Pizza and then we parted ways until April 2019. 

As a bit of a back story, Claire and Ed are also semi-pro MMA fighters. If it doesn’t show with their great physiques, just scroll down and see some amazing MMA fighter form from Claire. 

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