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Rachael & Jimmy – An Engagement

Rachael has been my bestie since college. I met her sometime right before Freshman year began during our orientation. For the life of us, we cannot figure out how we met. But that’s okay. Our friendship has stayed true through all of the shenanigans. Now Rachael is getting married to this great fella named Jimmy. They met at the restaurant that they both work at, North End Barbecue in Indianapolis, Indiana. Rachael is also a chef at their sister restaurant, Late Harvest Kitchen (WHICH BY THE WAY GO BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING). 

Rachael and Jimmy have Taylor, their son, who just turned 1. They are going to be married April 29 of this year (one day after my 29th birthday!) And I’m super excited to be a part of their big day. Not as their photographer but as one Jimmy’s groomsmen. 

Their work ethic, love, and devotion to one another has blossomed and grown for the past 2 years and I’m happy that they have found each other in this big old world. 

We shot a lot of this at the home they purchased on the Northeast side of Indianapolis. It’s a cute little cottage style right down the road from her parent’s, their work, and accessible to everything. In fact, they’re throwing their wedding and reception in their mega backyard. I’m really excited for them. 

The style for this was a little more artsy as I am finding myself in a transitional stage of editing and photography. This was a rainy day back this past late fall, most of the leaves had gone, and it was kind of a dreary Sunday. But–their love lit it up and warmed us up. (along with all the drinks afterward at Taxman Brewery in Fortville, Indiana — also a lovely spot we stopped at for some photos. As I was saying, a lot of these images really matched the time of year, it’s a little dark, a little gritty, but man it was fun. 

There’s a lot of silly in this because that is who they are. So enjoy that. 🙂

So without any more blah blah blah, enjoy.

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