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2018 So Far — and a Bridal Show

I’ll attempt to write this between mouthfuls of delicious pasta with grilled chicken, baked sausage meatball, guac, hummus, and olive oil. Seriously so delicious and so leftover-y. 

I don’t post a lot of personal what not on this blog since I’m trying my hardest to really make this about my client’s and about all the beautiful things I get the privilege of photographing. However–since this is an exception and in between these heaping mouthfuls of food and this amazing local wine, I thought I’d share with you about how awesome 2018 is to me and to my company so far. 

Well–if you don’t know, I’m Nate. *Hi* I’m 28 live in West Lafayette with my wife, Felicia and our doggy Princess. 

hello i'm nate from new adventure productions west lafayette photographerhello i'm nate from new adventure productions west lafayette photographer

emerald lotus events wedding planner west lafayette indiana wifeyemerald lotus events wedding planner west lafayette indiana wifey



I’ve been working super hard not just in this business but also helping my wife grow into hers as she recently became fully self-employed and works exclusively for a local venue in Lafayette now. So between supporting her business, the behind the scenes tech things including creating a new website for her customer and also getting her setup to live in 2018 with her new tablet, I’ve kept busy. I joined a second gym (WHAT!) and actually enjoy making it a part of my weekly organized chaos. I jumped on the Crossfit train and have really enjoyed finding out how strong I really am and what I’m really capable of physically and mentally. So between my day job, marriage, dog-daddyhood, Crossfit, Cycling, Felicia’s business and mine, we’ve had an amazing year. So many blessings and answered prayers and we are less than 6-ish weeks in! 

Currently, my biggest focus has been directed toward the Hidden Hollow Bridal Show this weekend. If you haven’t heard of it–just check my Facebook, I’ve been chatting about it for a bit. I’m excited to share my works from the past years to a larger audience in person! I’m also really excited to forge new relationships with brides & grooms that are looking for someone who captures passionately and works to create those authentic moments. (Sorry not sorry for the plug). 


I thought I might share a few of my favorite images from this past year from weddings and engagements. I’ve got a pretty busy schedule this year and I’m looking forward to creating. Winter has slowed things down which I guess with a little mindful introspection, is a good thing. I’ve been able to really find how I want to present myself at this show to all these amazing new people. If you ask me if I felt “ready” I’d laugh and take another swig of this wine. I don’t know if there’s ever really a feeling of “ready” but honestly, I’ve got what I need and what I want. Everything else is just about being fearless and taking that leap. Besides, I’m a super chatty cathy. Ask my bosses at work (sorry not sorry). Being sociable and relatable are some of my strengths, UNLIKE the reverse bear crawls we did tonight or the 45 burpees we did on Monday at the gym. 

So–if you’re a new bride or groom that I just met at the bridal show, welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read this. In fact #blessyou (read HASHTAG bless you). I’m a sucker for pop culture and then laughing at it. I hope you find this relatable and a bit charming or at least endearing. 

If you’re someone considering a photographer and happen to enjoy what I have–get excited because I’m excited to meet you, create with you, and to help provide you something that I feel other vendors can’t always do. Not to naysay obviously, because seriously my fellow togs and other vendors work their bottoms off to work it! So whoever you chose, be 100% about it and know that they are going to capture one of the most important days of your life. 

Anyway, off to publish this silly thing and then figure out the order of this slideshow for all y’all for Saturday and Sunday. 

Here’s one of my all time top favorite photos of my wifey and I below. Taken after quite a few laughs and few bottles of wine at Carpenter Creek Cellars up in Rensselaer with our besties.

winery fun march (17 of 17).jpgwinery fun march (17 of 17).jpg

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