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Liz & Kat – A Ross Camp Wedding

Once upon a time before technology existed in a way where we could use to tell us our heart rates while running outdoors, use video chat to converse with people all over the world, or dial long distance without first calling 10-10-220, there existed a time when Kat and Liz did not know one another. You see, if it weren’t for fate and technology, they may never have met, fallen in love, and married one another on September 1, 2018. You see, Liz and Kat met through a dating app, like a lot of you have with your significant others. And unlike the computer date of the 80s, this app allowed Liz and Kat to tailor themselves and their interests to find one another.

Kat, a native Texan, lives in Lafayette now and met Liz, an old friend of mine from back in elementary and high school. They began dating a few years ago and while I haven’t always had the pleasure of keeping up with all the great folks I graduated with, we ran across one another last year at our friend Tiffany and Jarrett’s wedding. They spoke about getting married and how excited they were.

Liz and Kat make such an exceptional complement to one another. From Liz’s love of the finer things to Kat’s reserved but humorous approach to life, these two are a perfect match. What I enjoyed seeing as both a guest and a photographer was how much happiness and love these two brought together. Their friends came from near and far (as Texas), to celebrate their love and their marriage. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful (although we all agree less hot). Their ceremony and reception took place at Ross Camp, west down River Road and then a few other small turns. From the beautiful makeup to the very dapper tux that Kat wore, the details, the food, and the laughter were all so wonderful. This wedding included so many close friends and some of the most heartfelt vows that Kat shared with her bride, Liz. I promise that I only teared up two times. The end of the evening took place out in the open gorgeous field of Ross Camp with the most amazing glow stick exits.

While they aren’t taking a honeymoon quite yet, they plan on it soon as work keeps us all busy this time of year. Kat and Liz, may your love weather every storm and continue growing as you two grow older together.

Dress: Christina Vail

Tuxedo: Men’s Warehouse

Hair & Makeup: Jessie Knoth – Studio 520

Cake: Megan Bryant

DJ: Eric Hintz

Venue: Ross Camp

Liz’s advice to future brides: Don’t sweat the small stuff. <3

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