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Makeup, Music, and Sweet Puppy Dogs — Brooke and Matt’s cozy November engagement session – West Lafayette, Indiana

Sometimes it pays to know somebody else. Personally, I’m a huge fan of referrals. In fact, a lot of my business is based on referrals and that’s how I’ve made it so far in this industry. But money talk aside, networking yourself doesn’t always have to be some sort of “painful” event where you’re forced to stand around and make small talk with people that you hope will be able to connect with you enough to consider utilizing your services and vice versa. No, sometimes it’s just about knowing someone in grade school–or through work. Sometimes, when you meet amazing people that don’t know one another, you want to do your best to connect them. Sometimes, after inviting them to go out to a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins and carve at your friend’s house a little romance begins. 

Not surprisingly, what I’m talking about is how sweet Brooke and Matt met. You remember Cara from April, right? She had that amazing wedding at The Lodge in Crawfordsville and married that handsome man in the blue suit? Epic wedding portraits and a fun sparkler finish? Of course you do! Well, Cara is the reason why we’re here today. She grew up knowing a boy named Matt who was her friend through many seasons of life. Once she came to Cornerstone, she later met Brooke, who she also hit it off with super well. But it’s not hard to hit it off with Brooke. She’s funny, kind, lovely, and really is so so talented in singing. So, connecting the dots, Brooke and Matt were introduced over at a pumpkin patch and later carved pumpkins together. It’s as simple as that. They met and began dating a short time later.

What makes Matt and Brooke so perfect for one another? Many different things but also things that are shared. Remember how I mentioned that Brooke can sing? Well, she can really sing. She also has a love affair with makeup and always looks the part. She even has done a few unboxing vlogs with different makeup subscription services. Matt is also extremely talented and loves music. He plays guitar and sings–and I’m not just talking douchey freshman in the quad playing guitar–I’m talking soulful, real talent. If that weren’t enough to bind these two together for eternity, Matt also enjoys sharing his love of music with the world on his co-hosted podcast. You can find his show on Twitch — www.twitch.tv/allaroundmusicpodcast where they interview bands and musicians and talk about the latest in gear, music, and everything else. 

Their wedding plans include lots of friends and family at their wedding next Memorial Day weekend. They’ll be hosting their ceremony and reception at the beautiful Vintage Oaks Banquet Barn just outside of town and will be having so many bridesmaids and groomsmen. This couple is so full of love and care and selflessness. They have not only worked on their own relationship during their time together but have opened their home to two sweet puppers, Beau and Winnie. During their engagement shoot we spent some time with these two sweet little babies (the doggos) and got to feature them a little in their home. What is even more exciting is that Brooke and Matt will be purchasing their first home together very soon which will put them just a bit closer to their families who live east of Lafayette.

Thank you both for trusting me and allowing me to capture these wonderful moments. I cannot wait for your perfect day and for all the fun we’re going to have at your bomb wedding!

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