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Jen and Cameron’s Perfect Fall Engagement in West Lafayette, Indiana

I love living in a city where there’s a university. West Lafayette is the absolute perfect location of both big and small, new and old, fresh and seasoned. It also means that there are lots of amazing people to meet, places to visit, and far too much traffic during football game days! But aside from the traffic, we couldn’t be happier to call any other place our home. It’s here that I’ve met so many wonderful people who have been connected through Purdue University. Jen and Cameron’s story is just like that. 

Jen and Cameron met in August of 2018 and matched on the dating app, Bumble. Within a few days, of having the app, Jen and Cameron matched and decided to go on a first date at the local bowling alley. Of course, not everything was perfect on their first date. According to Jen, she couldn’t quite get her hair to be as perfect as she wanted it so Cameron had to wait a few extra minutes while she made herself look just right. Through some fun and competitive teasing, the bowling date ended well but the romantic date continued as they visited a local coffee shop, Vienna Coffee House and Bakery for a game of chess, followed by a horror movie and chats about their favorite things.

The following year was a whirlwind of travel, exciting new plans, and talks of marriage. Jen shares that she suspected that an engagement was imminent due to the chats about ring size, preference, and all the other questions that come when someone wants to know exactly what to buy their favorite person in the world. In order to make the proposal extra special, Cameron met with the owner of Vienna Coffee House, he devised a plan and even invited Jen’s twin sister to come and celebrate in their moment and to take photos. The morning of their engagement, Jen was taken to the coffee shop for a coffee and when she noticed Cameron not looking at the board of choices, she asked if he knew what he wanted. He replied that what he really wanted was behind her. When Jen turned, she found that the chalkboard that hosts daily specials and new had “Jen, will you marry me?” written on it. Of course she accepted and the rest is history! This couple is planning an intimate ceremony back in Jen’s home state of Ohio in November of 2020. Their wedding will take place in the morning and include a brunch for everyone at their reception. The evening will be concluded with an intimate dinner with family and friends. 

We celebrated Jen and Cam’s engagement at the Celery Bog in West Lafayette, which is the perfect setting for beautiful portraits all year. The fall, it seems, does take the award for being the most beautiful as it seems to just have a special glow that really lights up the love that a couple shares. We had a lot of fun laughing, creating, and helping them to commemorate one of the most important days of their lives so far. I cannot wait to see what Jen and Cameron have in store for one another in the future and wish them all the best with all the love!

Thank you both for getting to know me and sharing your love story with me and the world. I know that your adventures will soon take you far from Indiana, but you’ll always have these memories to share in as you continue on your path together! 

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