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Wedding Planning? First Stop, Wedding Venues! The Historical Fowler House Mansion in Lafayette, Indiana

When I was married a few years back, we looked at many different venues during our search for the perfect location to be married. After all, the venue is the first stop on your wedding journey together. The venue and its availability decide your date, the location, and the feel for your wedding day.

Locally, we have dozens of different venues and within the state, thousands of options. There’s a venue for just about every taste, price point, and desire. Being married to someone who currently helps to run a local historical venue, I feel like I’ve had a really good glimpse into what makes a venue set apart from others and what features should be featured.

Just like life, venue choice is a subjective and personal decision. If you’re not into rustic charm, don’t get married in a barn. If you’re looking for low-key and affordable, consider a seasonal outdoor park or even a family owned piece of land. I interviewed my wife this week to discuss different options, trends, and of course information about one of the most famous venues in Lafayette, Indiana—the Fowler House Mansion.

What are some some special features at your venue that are unique (services, features, or extra special touches)?

 One major thing about Fowler House Mansion is that we have created inclusive packaging. We know you need tables for your guests and that those tables need linens. and your guests need chairs to sit on. That is why all tables chairs and basic linens (your choice of white or black) are included in the rental cost. When you host a party with us, you have all the things you need. The pricing is easy to follow. We set-up all tables and chairs and linens so when you come to take over the venue and decorate everything is ready to go. Don’t want to buy 30 of the same item – no problem you can rent your centerpiece decor from us.   As an extra special touch, we offer a free consultation. If a bride books a wedding with us, I schedule a venue consultation meeting about 4 weeks prior to the wedding. We sit down and go over your floorplan layout and the timing of wedding day activities. This provides an extra layer of service and is an excellent communication tool. You know exactly what to expect as far as set-up and service are concerned so you can rest a little easier. A special feature we offer as an add on service is a wedding coordinator. A venue coordinator takes care of all things building related, a wedding coordinator takes care of all things people related. They create and execute a timeline to ensure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there. This really helps manage stress levels. The last thing a bride needs to be doing is hunting down “Uncle Jeff” so you can complete your family photos. This is where the Wedding coordinator comes into play. 

What is your favorite part about events–particularly weddings? 

I love when new brides and grooms ask me questions… and lots of them! My favorite thing to do is help. There is a huge possibility if your planning a wedding you’re overwhelmed. Even if the client doesn’t pick my venue or services I really enjoy taking the time to give the client valuable information so they can make an informed decision.

Can both parties easily get ready at the same time? 

Oh yes! Fowler House Mansion didn’t skimp on the wedding suites. We have two adjoining rooms with a full bathroom that the guys tend to use and our other wedding suite was the master suite of the mansion in 1917. It is a very large room overlooking the terrace, lots of natural light and perfect for a first look or for hair and make-up.  

Tell us a little about your booking process. 

For a potential wedding venue rental, I suggest you reach out to info@fowlerhouse.org and request a tour. From there if you like the property and want to book your date. You sign a contract agreement and pay 25% of venue rental cost to reserve your date- Boom! you just booked your wedding venue!

What types of trends are you seeing for 2019 and beyond in weddings and events?

It seems smaller wedding parties are making a come back along with more intimate weddings. Lots of the color green in muted or bold shades. From silver sage to bold emerald. 

If you could only choose one, would you rather be able to eat anything you wanted without gaining weight OR be able to split yourself into mutliple versions of yourself in order to accomplish more in the same day? 

Oh!  multiple versions for SURE! I love getting stuff done no better feeling in the world!  

Anything else you’d like to add?

We are owned by a non-profit organization the 1852 Foundation. All funds paid to rent the Mansion are used for the upkeep and continued restoration of the house. We offer a Second Sunday Brunch every month along with a Wines on the Terrace event the Third Thursday of each month. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the Fowler House Mansion and tour the estate with a glass of wine in your hand. A yummy sort of try before you buy test drive. 

How do we get in contact with you?

You can contact me through info@fowlerhousemansion.org and you can check out our website at fowlerhouse.org

Special thanks to Indirap Films for the amazing commercial!

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