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Dawn and Neal – A Calm Spring Duncan Hall Wedding, Lafayette, Indiana

May is a fulfilling time of the year. It’s finally getting warm (in Indiana) and between the rain, the sunshine, and the entirety of green across the state, it really makes us feel like we’ve come alive–that we’ve awoken from a deep slumber. Dawn and Neal’s wedding was exactly like that. It was like a spring awakening, calm and peaceful–beautiful and full of love. This day filled with a calmness that one doesn’t see or feel at every wedding. Their love transcended any last minute decisions, the nerves, and the hustle and bustle of the day.

Dawn and Neal met a few years back and although they may not have known it on their first meeting, they would come together over the following few years and promise a lifetime together. If you know Neal and Dawn, you’ll know that they’re both extremely passionate, loving, and comedic people. While Neal holds a bit more reservation in his approach, you can get the sense and feeling that he’s just holding back a good joke or a funny comment — both are things that I appreciate immensely. Dawn, on the other hand, is warm and inviting, a familiar person even when you’re a stranger, and driven. She and Neal approached their wedding planning meticulously and thoughtfully–considering their options, weighing what was best for they and their guests that would highlight the love that they shared and of course–what they wanted during their special day.

If you live in Indiana in 2019, you’d know that our Spring is very damp and their wedding day was promising the same thing. Thankfully, I purchased a few clear umbrellas awhile ago and always have them ready to go in my car in case of impromptu rain drenches. Thankfully, the only real rain we received on their wedding day was during the arrival and lasted for approximately 10 minutes. Afterward, the skies cleared and welcomed the sun and warmth (and humidity) back to Lafayette, Indiana.

From the beginnings of their day which included hair and makeup, to their thoughtfully crafted decor–there was never a moment during this day that felt stressful (for them I believe) or rushed. Everything unfolded perfectly and between the preparation, walking down the aisle, and even the fun family photos, I would venture to say that Dawn and Neal enjoyed every single moment of their wedding day.

Joined by their family and closest friends, this couple decided on a ceremony where they wouldn’t have to talk much so as to forgo any crying or nervousness by simply saying “I do” or in Dawn’s case, “I absolutely do” sharing their first kiss as husband and wife, and then a high-five which perfectly captures what their relationship is–both passion and best friendship.

I am always so grateful for clients that are willing to get a little adventurous during their engagement and wedding days. Afterall, a wedding day may be one full day, but it passes by so quickly and all that remains is the memory and the photos of the day. So we decided to venture over to Mcallister Park down the road and get some greenery portraits. Little did I remember that there happens to be a bog nearby and while the images on the bridge were so beautiful, we spent approximately 3 minutes total there since the mosquitoes were so thick that they almost carried us all off their our new mosquito home.

The rest of the evening was spent sharing a delicious meal, thoughtful toasts, and a first dance with the band Boyz 2 Men playing. Their intimate and light ceremony was emphasized with a bubble “exit” which was really just an interlude in the reception while everyone filled the space at Duncan Hall with bubbles and beautiful golden light shone down behind our hero and heroine of this story.

Dawn and Neal, thank you both so much for trusting me to capture these perfect moments of your wedding day. You two share a passion that I love seeing and I know that your marriage will be filled with happiness, love, and a lot of good jokes.

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