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Maggie and Seth – A Rainy Maternity and Surprise Proposal Session

Maggie and Seth are celebrating so many aspects of life this week. As you’ll see below and from the title, Maggie is expecting her second child with her boyfriend, Seth. I recently became acquainted with this couple through Maggie’s parents, Raul and Yvone, who are both in a local networking group with me. Raul, Yvone, and Seth’s parents had also set up a surprise baby shower at a local restaurant in town afterward and the idea was to surprise Maggie with it after the maternity session.

These two arrived with their son, Alex, a little man with a lot of energy! We didn’t spend hours capturing these beautiful moments because truly, Maggie seems to have a secret modeling career somewhere. From the very start, despite the light misty rain, these three were on it. We were able to get the three in photos and then I’d have Seth step away to tend to Alex while I featured just Maggie. She has a natural grace and beauty about her and behind that is a thousand years of culture and fire. There was never an uninteresting or dull moment during this shoot.

Maggie chose to have her session downtown rather than in a park and I am grateful that she did. Riehle Plaza and the Pedestrian Bridge are two of my favorite places to photograph because any time of the day, whether sun or rain, it’s always beautiful.

My favorite part of the shoot was toward the end when Alex seemed to grow a little more bored, I scooped him up and showed him the back of my camera screen. Pressing the back of the screen initiated the shutter to close and the photo to be taken. So I cannot take entirely 100% credit for this shoot as I had toddler helping me quite a bit toward the end.

After the maternity shoot I wished them well and went on my way to Lindo Mexico, where the surprise party was being set up. Since Maggie enjoys painting and art, the theme for their little girl was Frida Kahlo inspired. Beyond the theme of the restaurant, Yvone and Raul both lived in Mexico all or most of their lives before moving here and starting a successful business.

Like I said earlier, Maggie and Seth are celebrating many aspects of life this week because toward the end of the baby shower, he officially proposed to Maggie! While my view was limited, it was so special to see these two come together for a lifetime of happiness and adventure. In order to further that, these two have an intimate elopement planned for next week where they will officially become man and wife.

Congratulations, Seth, Maggie and family! May your happiness and family continue to grow and prosper all of your days!

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