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“Called it!” – Allison and Hunter – An Overcast Viking Engagement – Lafayette, Indiana

Love is limitless, it is infinite, and it is eternal. Our moments together should be cherished and the longer we get together, the better I believe we are for ourselves and for one another. On wedding days, I try to always encourage my brides to do first looks prior to the ceremony because it means spending more time with your partner and most favorite person in the entire world on the most important day of your life. Hunter and Allison have already known each other for 7 years which is nearly one-third of their life. They also get to spend the rest of their lives together so when they come to the end, they’ll have spent more time together, married and in love the larger majority of their life.

Hunter and Allison met in middle school/high school at a bowling alley. Hunter had just transferred into school and Allison had just moved back to town. Their first encounter was fun and light and included Allison taking Hunter’s favorite hat. Meeting the person that you’re going to marry at 13 isn’t always something that people know. Allison tells me that she did know and spent the next 6 years chasing down her dream man.

Hunter and Allison are outdoorsy adventure types, which I absolutely appreciate. It means that they’re not afraid to get dirty, run around in the mud, lay on the ground, or walk through mucky fields. Thankfully, we were able to avoid the mud despite the terrible rain in Indiana this year. When Hunter proposed, he did so at Turkey Run State Park in West Central Indiana at one of Allison’s favorite spots. The hike was long and for Hunter, nerve-wracking. When he finally did get to the spot on Allison’s favorite rock, he knelt down to propose and Allison said, “Called it!”

So her dream prince (or viking rather) finally came calling with a beautiful engagement ring and after all the years of hard work and best friendship, these two finally agreed to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Hunter and Allison, aside from being outdoorsy adventure types, enjoy cooking, eating (my kind of people!), and spending time with their dog, Tyr, (Norse deity of Justice, Law, and War). In fact, their wedding is going to be spectacularly unique in that they’re hosting their ceremony outdoors, in January, back home in Wabash, Indiana, with many different Viking influences throughout their ceremony. They’ve also included a traditional Viking priest called a gothi to officiate their ceremony.

I cannot wait to see all of the unique and wonderful details that these two will put into their amazing day. I’m also curious to know what a Viking wedding will look like. I am hoping for some very Vikings and The Last Kingdom feel with some 21st century elegance thrown in there (i.e. indoor toilets, gas heat, and minimal  to no human sacrifice).

Thank you, Allison and Hunter for trusting me with your spectacular engagement and special day coming next year. Much love and all of the happiness to you both!

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