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Aubry and Brandon – A 2nd Grade Lifelong Romance – Purdue University – West Lafayette, Indiana

Tale as old as time–a little girl chases down a little boy in second grade on the playground. Fast forward 25 years later and that little girl and little boy are engaged to be married. 

Not everybody can say that they met their person, their one, their soulmate in second grade. I certainly cannot take that honor. Aubry and Brandon, on the other hand, can absolutely tell the world that they have known one another for almost an entire lifetime and if you asked Aubry 24 years ago or 2 minutes ago, she’d tell you that she Brandon is the one for her!

Aubry and Brandon are such a fun and grounded couple. Like I’ve mentioned, their love story technically begins in 2nd grade with Aubry falling head over heels for the little red-headed boy in her class. It wasn’t until college, however, that things became serious and after one evening of them reconnecting a party, their fate was sealed. Aubry went home after the party to tell her parents that she’d Brandon from elementary school. She even tells me that her parents knew that he was the one for her by just how she talked about him.

This lovely couple lives in Evansville but grew up only minutes from each other in Lafayette, Indiana. Attending the same school they had a few mutual friends growing up but it’s their love that is bringing them back home. Their wedding will take place at Fowler House Mansion in July of 2020 and I cannot wait. Aside from the gorgeous images we took, my wife and I got to connect with Aubry and Brandon over dinner after their engagement shoot. What I can easily take away from their relationship and relate to is that Aubry and I are similar personalities and Brandon and Felicia (my wife) are similar. While Brandon is the reserved food science engineer, creating MREs for our troops, Aubry works more socially in staffing and talent acquisition. The connection between them is powerful and while their personalities differ from one another, the love that they share together is absolutely wonderful and a sight to behold. 

I was introduced to Aubry and Brandon through Aubry’s parents, Kevin and Patty, who I spent a little time on the phone getting to know. Since the kids are planning their wedding from afar, Kevin and Patty have done a wonderful job of seeking out quality vendors to ensure that their only child’s wedding day is perfect. 

Both Aubry and Brandon are Purdue Alumni and so it was only fitting that we revisit their Alma mater for their engagement. Have I mentioned that I love Purdue’s campus in the summer? The total lack of students and busyness on campus is so peaceful. The light, the greenery, and beautiful architecture make for such a gorgeous backdrop to love. We ventured to new and familiar places and finished with a mini dance lesson for the two as I had them end with a dip and a kiss. 

I cannot wait for this wedding day as I know it’s going to be absolutely perfect. These two bring so much love and joy to the table that their lives together are sure to continually be enriched by it.

Thank you, Aubry and Brandon for trusting me and allowing me to capture these important moments in your life. I had such a lovely time and look forward to becoming even better friends as your wedding day draws nearer!

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  1. Anita says:

    What an amazing story! The love they show for each other here is amazing.