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Acadia National Park Engagement

acadia national park engagement

Do you remember as a kid those movies you’d watch about Halloween and fall? Typically a family would be driving through the northeast part of the US and all the leaves would be changing and everything looked absolutely perfect? Well, I got to live a piece of that fantasy in October 2021 with Georgia and Chris who invited me out to Maine for an Acadia National Park Engagement Session. And believe me, it was everything I ever dreamt of and more!

maine in the fall

Georgia and Chris have known each other for some time and I’ve known Georgia for a part of that time as well. In fact, before I became a full time photographer, I worked with Georgia at my previous job. Georgia has the type of personality that draws you in with her kindness, thoughtfulness, and overall sweet demeanor. Chris and Georgia have been together now for years and I always told her that when he proposed, I’d want to be the one to photograph their wedding.

And let me tell you, they’ve been just as much of a dream as their engagement session has been.

portland maine head light engagement photo

Chris is a super genius PhD engineer and also the sweetest provider for his boo, Georgia, who works in special education out on the east coast. Since Chris and Georgia love the outdoors and hiking, we figured that the best place to do all of that would be at Acadia National Park for their engagement.

Acadia National Park Engagement

They say that it’s about ‘the journey’ rather than the destination. And I think I agree with that saying and cliche. It’s true, the journey up the New England coast was everything idyllic and perfect. I even planned a few stops along the way and we had a great time heading from Boston up to Maine.

Our first stop was the Portland Head Lighthouse, not too far from our trek up. It was the perfect stop and we were able to get some of those perfectly Instagrammable photos at this space.

Before we made it to the park, I’d heard about some famous lobster rolls that were the best in Maine. Now, I’m not a self-proclaimed lobster eater. In fact, I can’t say I’ve ever eaten it and enjoyed it. But boy did that change.

We rolled up to Red’s Eats in Wiscasset, Maine and waited in line for over an hour and a half. Once we arrived, we all ordered lobster rolls and when they came out, I shit you not, it was the meatiest, most scrumptious thing I’ve ever seen. We sat down behind the restaurant and enjoyed the brisk fall air of New England and ate one of the top 5 entrees I’ve ever had.

I could literally make an entire blog just about the food but since this is an engagement, we’ll get back to the stars, Georgia and Chris. They loved them as well and we spent a little town photographing around Red’s during our time in line before continuing up the road for our final stop of the night.

Acadia National Park about halfway up in Maine on the coast. In fact, it’s very near the easternmost part of the US there and has one of the earliest views of sunrise. So of course, we thought we’d get up super early to get a beautiful sunrise session in, explore the park, photograph some epic coastal east coast views, and then wrap things up that evening.

Well, like the Midwest, you can’t really count on the weather in New England in the Fall. So while it gave me all the perfect Fall vibes, it was also a downpour of buckets of rain right before sunrise.

So, we got a little flexible with it. Once the rain stopped we headed downtown and stopped for coffee and photos on the dock just outside of the park in a cute little town called Bar Harbor. This is quintessential New England life meets tourism and it made for great morning photos.

Afterward, we ventured through the park and found a lot of great pull offs along the way between the downpours of rain.

We even took a multi-mile hike through some super beautiful trails and woods and found a waterfall, a super cute bridge that I may take up residency under as my future in trollhood, and finished the day with Mexican food back on the mainland. This Acadia National Park engagement was truly–so unforgettable.

10/10 would do it all again with these two. I can’t wait for their wedding and all the joy that they have coming for them!

If you’re interested in a destination engagement or elopement, send me a message and let’s adventure!

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