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Best Earpods for Clubhouse 2022

best earpods for clubhouse

Clubhouse, the 2021 social media craze that is currently in it’s BETA testing mode. Since it’s launch in late 2020, it’s been all the craze on Facebook and Instagram. As an Apple only launch at this point, there are a lot of people eagerly anticipating its opening to the public and to Android. I don’t go a few hours without seeing someone asking for an invite. Clubhouse is a voice-only social media platform which means that you don’t have to feel like you’re keeping up with the Kardashians. The newest and most pressing quality concern isn’t about how you look, but rather how you sound. That’s why I put together the best earpods for Clubhouse 2021.

apple ios mac products

Since Clubhouse was released for the iOS system, I thought I’d start out with the forerunner in everyone’s mind for best earpods for Clubhouse.

Apple Airpods Pro

airpods pro for clubhouse

Pros to the aptly named Airpod Pros for Clubhouse:

1. They are seamlessly integrated with the ios system and pair quickly. 

2. Have an IPX4 rating (which means when things get hot and heavy in those late night Clubhouse rooms, you won’t ruin them sweating.

3. They have active noise cancellation to cut out all the background nagging of your partner telling you to get off Clubhouse because “you’re addicted!” They also a transparency mode which allows you to hear your surroundings if you’re biking to work or in a store. They also include sidetone which allows you to hear your own voice when speaking so you speak at normal levels.

4. Finally, the Airpod Pro has two microphones both inside and outside to capture your voice. Personal experience shows that the Airpod Pros sound amazing on the Clubhouse app for earpods.

5. The airpod pros can be charged wirelessly with Qi charging.

iphone and airpods for clubhouse

Cons to the Airpod Pros for Clubhouse

1. Battery life is average. 5 hours max but easily chargeable with the case.

2. Audiophiles have complained that music sound quality is average.

3. Pricey! They’re on the higher end of the investments in this blog.

Verdict: A good fit if you’re looking for a partial tax write off, to be a part of the exclusive Apple club, and if you have a few extra pennies to spare. Cost: $200-$250

Jabra Elite 75T

These earpods will give Apple a run for their money with their quality, price, and sound. First released February 2020, these earpods are founded on years of Jabra’s experience with bluetooth technology and audio quality. Remember when mobile headsets weren’t douchey? Yeah, Jabra first broke into that market when it was briefly okay to wear a bluetooth headset. Of course, nowadays everyone wears earpods so it’s okay again, right? (Asking for a friend).

jabra elite 75t for clubhouse

Pros to the Jabra Elite 75T for the Clubhouse App

  1. Audio quality is WAY up there! It’s been rated higher quality than the Airpod Pro so if you’re into music and Clubhouse, these are a better bet.
  2. They have sidetone installed which allows you to hear your voice when making calls and speaking.
  3. They’re enabled to use Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. “Hey FBI, Russie, and the NSA, what’s the temperature outside today?”
  4. They ALMOST last the full work day with a 7.5 hour battery
  5. They use USB-C to charge your case (hello 2021!) and have a magnetic case closure to ensure your earpods are safely tucked away.
  6. They have 4 microphones installed for excellent call quality.
man wearing jabra elite 75t earpods for clubhouse

The cons to the Jabra Elite 75T

  1. Less noise cancelling tech which means your outside calls may be a little noisier than that of the Airpod Pros.
  2. They’re not the newest in the lineup (That belongs to the Jabra Elite 85T)
  3. Still above the $100 mark

Verdict: An excellent choice if you’re Tot in noisy environments, need a longer battery charge, and want something a bit more discreet than airpods. Cost: $130-$180

The Anker Soundcore Liberty Airwave 2

anker soundcore liberty airwave 2 best earpods for clubhouse

With a mouthful like the Anker Soudncore Liberty Airwave 2, you’d wonder if the makers of these airpods for Clubhouse are trying to overcompensate for something. But that is just not the case. These sub $100 earpods, launched in November 2019, will give the Airpods and Jabra a run for YOUR money on Clubhouse!

Pros to the Anker Soundcore Liberty Airwave 2

  1. The price! On Average, you’ll find these for around $70-$80 on Amazon.
  2. They come with their own app to tweak and adjust audio levels.
  3. Phone call (Clubhouse app) quality is phenomenal. Pairing 4 microphones with active noise cancellation, you’re going to be a hit in Clubhouse.
  4. They support wireless charging (welcome to 2021) and the battery lasts just over 7 hours.
soundcore liberty air 2 best earpods for clubhouse

Cons to Anker Soundcore Liberty Airwave 2

  1. They don’t have passthrough/transparency to allow you to hear ambient noises. 
  2. There is no active noise cancellation in the earpods (just in the calls) but the seal does the cancellation for you.
  3. Music sound is a bright which isn’t for everyone.

Verdict: If you’re not in the Apple-Everything cult and don’t want to spend a fortune on all the extra details that may or may not make a difference for you, these are amazing earpods for Clubhouse. Cost: $65-$80

Sony WF-1000XM3 

sony wf-1000xm3 best earpods for clubhouse

Ah, Sony! While Sony has done many things in its lifetime, releasing these WF-1000XM3, was definitely a highlight! These slightly larger earpods are some of the best, if not the best for sound quality in this list. 

Pros for the Sony WF-1000XM3

  1. Sound quality is phenomenal! Like superbbbbb.
  2. In a noisy environment? No problem! These have the best noise cancelling features of all the earpods.
  3. They pair and work well with Android and iOS.
  4. They have use of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.
  5. Sony releases firmware updates for it to continually improve them.
  6. Battery life is good at 6 hours.
sony wf-1000xm3 earpods for clubhouse

Cons for the Sony WF-1000XM3

  1. They are not waterproof at all. So don’t even sweat in them.
  2. Phone call (Clubhouse) quality is average, the firmware in January 2020 improved it quite a bit
  3. They’re expensive if you don’t care about the perks of ultra high quality audio.
  4. Slightly older.

Verdict: If you like good quality sound, have a few coins to spare and don’t care that everything you have is Apple/don’t sweat, get these.

Taotronics Sound Liberty 79

taotronics sound liberty 75 best earpods for clubhouse

Taotronics is a Chinese brand that has become very much a household name in the past few years. I have actually owned multiple Taotronics headphones and have been surprised at the quality and noise cancellation. My most recent purchase? The Taotronics Sound Liberty earpods.

Pros to the Taotronics Sound Liberty earpods for Clubhouse.

1. Priced right around $55, these are the perfect earpods for quality and affordability

2. Sound cancellation is very good and does a nice job isolating noise.

3. Voice quality is excellent and 95% of your voice quality is carried over. So they’re good for tunes but even better for network marketing on Clubhouse!

4. Allegedly, they claim a 10 hour battery life. You may find they average between 7-9 hours which is excellent.

  1. A fully charged case carried 40 hours of charging capabilities.
  2. They’re rated IPX8 which means you can get them in the rain, sweat on them, and even survive a wet willy attack. Ew.
taotrnics sound liberty 79 earpods

Cons to the Taotronics Sound Liberty earpods for Clubhouse.

. 1. They are not namebrand and therefore may offend some because they’re not white and cost over $200. No shame and no judgement.

2. They allege a 10 hour battery life but have been shown to be less than that. Definitely less in cold weather.

3. No pass through sound tech so you can’t hear your voice when talking.

Verdict: I ended up purchasing these because it’s what I could afford at the time and because they have a great amount of quality backing them up. Price: $50

EDIT: I got them, loved them for sound quality and call, but the passthrough speaker technology was a game killer for me. So I returned them and ended up buying the Jabra Elite 75T.

If you’re on the Clubhouse app, which I would assume you are if you’ve made it this far. Give me a follow on there. My username is @newadventurepro and my name is Nate Dale.

new adventure productions best earpods for clubhouse

I love meeting, connecting, and learning with new friends and fellow entrepreneurs. I hope that this best earpods for Clubhouse is helpful to you on your Clubhouse journey!

If you’d like to connect more, send me an email and we can chat!
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*this blog contains affiliate links that I may receive compensation if you purchase from them. I was not paid to write this and receive no compensation from any of these brands even though I wish I did.

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