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A Bonneville Salt Flats Vow Renewal

a bonneville salt flats vow renewal

When a fellow photographer reaches out to have you photograph their 14 year anniversary/vow renewal, you absolutely say yes! And of course, they chose to have their vow renewal in one of my favorite places. So check out this beautiful and super editorial and epic vow renewal at the Bonneville Salt Flats!

Monique and Chris own Rosy Roost Photography over in Pennsylvania. Monique reached out in 2021 about having me capture she and her husband Chris’ 14th wedding anniversary vow renewals at the Bonneville Salt Flats. You know that I love that the salt flats and that it holds a special place in my heart. So, I had to say yes and we got underway.

A Vow Renewal At The Salt Flats

Our original plan was for Monique and Chris to come out to the salt flats with me in late April. As you may know from reading my “how to elope in the Bonneville Salt Flats” blog, they can be flooded at that time. It definitely aligned with our creative visions to have the flats flooded and reflective and perfect.

bonneville salt flats vow renewal

Unfortunately, life happens and we had to reschedule our time out in Utah from April to late July. No worries and no water. But that gave us the other great opportunity of spending time out there being able to run around, get out farther and away from the crowds, and to enjoy all the beauty of the space.

Working with creatives is truly wonderful because they have a vision and it’s great to get to see it come to life. Upon arrival at their AirBnB, I met with my favorite hair and makeup stylist in SLC, Janelle Ingram. She was just finishing up on Monique, making her look gorgeous, glam, and an even bigger beauty than she already is.

The creative vision went far beyond just the photoshoot at the Salt Flats, however. You see, Monique had set up a beautiful tablescape full of sentimental items, decor, and she even had the tastiest pistachio cake made for their vow renewal and Chris’ birthday. Everything was literally perfect and it felt like a total dream being able to breeze through their indoor portraits in their beautiful all white outfits. All to celebrate this perfect Bonneville Salt Flats vow renewal.

After we finished at their AirBnB, we left for the Salt Flats and got right into it. Monique and Chris hand wrote their vow renewals and Chris even had some sweet pictures drawn by their two children in his vow book. Afterward, we spent the rest of the evening photographing them in all their beautiful glory and love.

vow renewal at the salt flats

And of course, we stopped by In-N-Out Burger on the way home because ‘when in the west!’

Be sure to also check out their Arches National Park styled elopement shoot we put shortly after their vow renewal!

A huge thank you to the amazing vendors who made their vow renewal possible!

Hair and makeup: Janelle Ingram
Cake: Dessert Studio
Decor: Monique from Rosy Roost Photography
Photography: New Adventure Productions

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