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An Outdoor Wedding in Grand Haven, Michigan Trillium Events Center – Laketon & Morgan

grand haven trillium events center wedding

This perfect wedding in Grand Haven, Michigan at Trillium Events Center is seriously one of my favorites of all time!

Something special draws us all together

Have you ever felt like you weren’t in the “right” place but nothing tangibly stated that for you? Perhaps you just had the overwhelming sense to leave and to go somewhere else. For Morgan, after high school, she attended college like many of us. After her first year, she had the sense that it wasn’t the right fit for her.

There was nothing physically out of the ordinary that would have dictated she left but she did. Upon enrolling in a college closer to home, she met Laketon one evening and here we have this blog and even more importantly, this couple.

Serendipity leads to a Grand Haven, Michigan Wedding

There have been so many moments where couples serendipitously met through chance and started a life together. Now, personally, I love the idea of serendipity but I can’t say I subscribe to it. I believe that God has a plan for all of us and here were are today.

I met Morgan and Laketon through friends–friends that I have since photographed multiple times and met at many different weddings, including their own. If you’ve checked out some of my past blogs (you should!) you’ll have read that Morgan and Laketon were invited out by their best friend’s Claire and Ed back in 2018 during their engagement.

I had heard the story that their friends (Claire and Ed’s) were coming out and that the fella was planning a proposal–or so Morgan thought. Of course, I had my camera present and the light was amazing so I took a couple photos of these two, Morgan and Laketon. Laketon didn’t propose on the spot but instead waited another month and near her birthday, proposed out on the pier. 

I talk a lot about love between two people. How it binds a couple together, even prior to marriage, through common ground, experiences, and of course, affection. Morgan and Laketon have all of that and I know that they’ll share a life together that truly makes them both happy.

If you could define the perfect wedding day in a dictionary, I believe that you could take one of these photographs and use it to describe Laketon and Morgan’s wedding in coastal Michigan. Between the perfect sun and cloud cover, the slightly warm breeze, and of course all of the love in the air, it was one of the best wedding days I’ve seen in 2019.

From mimosas to a Michigan State game that the fellas were watching during their prep, and which I so abruptly interrupted (sorry Laketon!) the best of these two people came together through the perfect details and thoughtful planning of the venue, their vendors, and the family.

Being baseball fans, Morgan wore, in place of a robe, a bride baseball jersey during a part of her day. She also adorned a garter with a Chicago Cubs charm attached.  While the ladies drank mimosas and enjoyed Jimmy John’s sandwiches, the groom and his friends were limited to three beers a piece. Ample but conservative and I believe, just the right amount.

The couple exchanged gifts separately and wrote to one another, love letters. It’s special to see the emotions that occur when reading a letter from your best friend on such an important day. 

From moment one, Morgan was calm, collected, and of course happy. Through the timeline creation, we were able to capture all of the details as perfectly as she had planned them and allow for some time to not be photographed as well. 

Escorted down the aisle by her father and step-father, Morgan’s dad had to make a last minute dash back into the building to bring out the bouquet that was forgotten indoors. Thankfully, there was plenty of music and the dash made for some excellent photos. (see below!).

Morgan and Laketon chose to wait to see one another until she walked down the aisle. Laketon’s expression is certainly very Laketon and rather unique. He gave her a thumbs up and the best Laketon grin I’ve ever witnessed. Married by a lifelong friend and coach, these two sealed their marriage with a kiss in front of their nearest and dearest.

From that point on, we visited the local beach in Grand Haven and even troubleshooted beach and sand navigation in wedding attire and shoes/heels. I believe that from adversity comes something beautiful and as you can see, despite the pain in the butt it was to walk on the beach in Cole Haan’s and heels, it made for some excellent moments. 

The speeches that were shared were personal and wonderful with tears from both sides. Following the speeches, dinner was served and the candy bar was raided! Finally, we ended the evening with some sparkler magic outside and I was able to enjoy a little extra time without shooting, watching my clients and friends enjoy the first day of the rest of their new adventure.

Morgan and Laketon, you have become such amazing friends and I am so so so lucky and grateful to call you both. Thank you for trusting me to capture your day, to curate it, and to laugh along side you as you two walk into your new life.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your honeymoon and of course all of these images. I cannot wait to spend more time together soon! 

Much Love,

Nate Dale

Dress: Memories Bridal and Evening Wear

Tuxedo: Men’s Wearhouse

Catering and Venue: Trillium Events Center

Wedding Cake: Sam’s Club

Florist: Chalet Florist and Events

Hair & Makeup: Salon 297

Videographer: Truvision Studios (they’re amazing!!!)

DJ: JMX Entertainment Group

Rings: Sandborn’s Jewelers

Wedding day inspiration: “We wanted the day to feel like a dream but without feeling too fancy. I was really inspired by natural colors since I don’t like bright and crazy colors and I loved the way the colors looked with greenery thrown in. The gold also made it feel a little more done up and give it more of a “yes this looks like a really nice wedding” without being over-the-top”

Advice to future couple’s: “Enjoy the process of planning and take in every moment. Yes, it is very stressful and takes a lot of time and money to plan a wedding but you will never get the time back because you are only getting married once……hopefully;)”

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