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Epic Senior Portraits – Ali – Rossville, Indiana High School 2020 Graduate

Life is a fascinating thing, isn’t it? Seconds can feel like years and years fly by like seconds. When we look back, 18, 28, 88 years have just passed us by.

Graduating from high school is one of our first, of many, amazing accomplishments we do as children. We essentially grow up in a school for nearly 6.5 full years of our lives (K-12 =2340 days) and then we’re given back to the world as adults. After high school there are so many paths and options to take. It’s an exciting time that I think many of look forward to as it’s our first real “taste of freedom.”

I’ve been friend’s with Ali’s mom, Julie, since I was little. She and my mother were good friends and so I grew up knowing Julie and later on, Ali, when she was born. When Julie reached out about senior portraits, I was so excited to get the opportunity to serve a lifelong friend and her family.

Meeting Ali, officially, for the first time at her senior session was wonderful. She’s a little more quiet than her mom but sweet and lovely. We spent some time downtown in Lafayette and in Riehle Plaza before heading over to the Pedestrian Bridge and eventually the Celery Bog for the sunset portraits.

Ali, I think, is a natural rockstar. It took so little effort on my part to make these images comes to life. With a little prompting and some excellent outfit choices, she knocked this senior portrait session in Lafayette, Indiana—out of the park!

After the session, I sent her a few quick interview questions to feature a little about Ali. Here are the questions and her answers.

Thank you, Ali, for being such an excellent model and all around great time! I hope you love these portraits and I look forward to seeing what new adventures you create as you venture into the world soon!

Ali, what are your hobbies, likes, what do you do in your spare time?

Shopping, amusement parks, traveling, and makeup

While I understand you may not have college plans, do you have an idea or a “Dream job” that would be amazing if you could do it?

Interior design

What’s your favorite food?


What’s the best place you’ve ever traveled to?

Spain (girl I feel that one! Spain was the coolest place I’ve been too! Viva Espana!)

Tell us your favorite memories you’ve had from this past few years with your besties!

Going to prom on the Madam Carrol with my boyfriend and friends

Going to Tennessee with a friend and my family

-Going to Spain with my Spanish class

Do you think that kindness or honesty is more important and why?

Honesty is more important because it creates stronger relationships and more trust in your relationships.

Do you have someone that you look up to? If so, tell us about them and what you like about them.

I look up to my mom because she works hard every day, is doing what she loves, and is confident in herself.

Who is your favorite celebrity, dead or alive and why.

Tyler Joseph because he is very talented and puts a lot of thought and meaning into his music. (He’s the lead singer of Twenty One Pilots)

What your top most guilty pleasure?

Playing the Sims

Wish Ali the best in the comments below and if you have a senior graduating this coming Spring, I’d love to get in contact with you to create some excellent memories!

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