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A Cozy Milwaukee Engagement – Kaitlin and Joe

Many times in life, we are in certain situations that help later define us. At the time, we may not know why we are there for good or bad but nevertheless, we are currently in that situation. I believe that we all have a destiny–something prewritten and wonderful for each of us. That key to finding and fulfilling it is to ensure that do what we need to do, even if it seems strange at the time. Kaitlin and Joe grew up in different states but through coincidence (or not!) they first came to know one another north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Concordia University. Both Kaitlin and Joe, being from out of state, attended the college through sports scholarships and while they both played sports throughout their entire collegiate careers, they didn’t really find one another until close to the end of their tenure there. 

Concordia University, if you’ve never visited, is a small, private Christian college north of Milwaukee on the shores of chilly Lake Michigan. On one side, the tumultuous waves of Lake Michigan, on the other, a beautiful rolling grassland that that makes up the majority of Wisconsin. Kaitlin shared with me that she was the first of the two to notice the other. From a distance, one day, she saw a handsome baseball player who spent the majority of his time working on sports or his education. That didn’t deter Kaitlin and once she had noticed him, she began attending his games and eventually were introduced to one another and took their first friend date to a local froyo place in Milwaukee. Some friendship later and Kaitlin and Joe both knew that they were the only people for one another. Their relationship, first founded in friendship, paved their way to a successful life that they have with one another. Having just purchased their first home north of Chicago, they’re currently planning for their wedding on the Leap Day of 2020 at the Lafayette Country Club. They chose Lafayette since Kaitlin originally grew up here and it seemed like a great spot to marry one another. 

When I first had the pleasure of meeting with these two, I knew immediately that they were not only perfect for one another, but also a perfect match for me as well. Every business has an ideal client, and while I don’t want to talk about “business” in this blog, I can share that sitting down with Kaitlin and sharing a beer or two while we waited for Joe to arrive out of Chicago traffic, was amazing. They both balance on light and fun sides but with good introspection for what is important. Both love to laugh, enjoy good beer, good food, and love to travel. They’re hope is to be able to find a puppy dog to join them on their future adventures in the future.

Thank you, Joe and Kaitlin, for inviting me to come to Milwaukee and spending not only your engagement session, but also the evening to follow in a wonderful communion. (After we finished their session, we four (my wife, Felicia was present too) headed off to the Ruby Tap Wine Bar in Milwaukee and enjoyed some tasty wine before leaving for a tasty Bavarian treat at Cafe Hollander in Wauwatosa. 

I cannot wait for your wedding day! But in the meantime, enjoy these moments that lead up to the next big adventure! 

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