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“Tale as Old As Time” Michael and Victoria’s elegant Beauty and The Beast Themed Wedding in Noblesville, Indiana at the Mill Top Banquet and Conference Center

Okay, we’re going to do a little visualization practice here. Close your eyes–well don’t do that since you’re reading this. Image yourself under a starlit sky fall night. Brisk air, the glow of a fire nearby, and your favorite person in the entire world wrapping you up in their arms. Your favorite song is playing in the background and you dance through an ocean of stars and galaxies while time stops for the evening allowing you to savor each and every moment of this perfect day. 

Now let me tell you that this is essentially how Victoria and Michael’s wedding day went this past Saturday in Noblesville, Indiana. Of course, Victoria and Michael didn’t literally dance through a sky of stars but they did share their first dance under thousands of Christmas lights all strung up throughout this beautiful venue, The Mill Top Banquet and Conference Center. There also wasn’t a cozy fire, but the room was light so beautifully and filled with the warmth and love of their nearest and dearest.

Now I’m going to tell you a little story that goes like this, a man walks into a bar, meets his future wife, and marries her years later. While it didn’t include all of the epic moments of Victoria and Michael’s relationship, such as the time that Michael hired our friend, Jodi, to photograph he and Victoria and during that photo session, proposed to her. It also doesn’t include all of the fun trips they’ve taken, the life that they’ve built together, or the future that they have in store together.

What I can share about Victoria and Michael’s wedding day was that it was one that filled and brightened by individuals who love and care for them. There were so many moments of care, love, and sweetness on this day. People travelled from all over the state to watch these two marry their best friends and soul mates. It was made even sweeter with heartfelt speeches from their best friends and family members who shared heartwarming stories of how these two came to be and the impact that they’ve had on the entire room. Something especially spectacular about this wedding was that it drew influences from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. While they didn’t dance to Angela Lansbury’s rendition of “Beauty and the Beast” they did incorporate candelabras, candles, of course lots of vintage decor, and elegant color palettes to match and complement the beauty (and the beast) of this venue. On their head table was the enchanted rose and as you’ll see, there are other fun decorative ideas to tastefully implement another wonderful love story with theirs.

Every wedding that I attend and witness has unique features about it. One of the most unique and inspiring things I witnessed with Victoria and Michael is the longest first kiss between two married people. In front of the entire audience Michael kissed Victoria like he never had and this went on for nearly 15 to 20 seconds. It also included a lift and spin around that made even me laugh with the rest of the crowd as these two wonderful people began their new lives together as husband and wife. 

The day wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful vendors that Victoria and Michael found and employed. A special thanks to Brittany with the Mill Top who ensured that every last detail before and during the day were perfectly placed and kept us all up to date. An excellent team ensures that a wedding day can be successfully executed. Thank you for choosing so many excellent people to be there, you two!

While this is only a quarter of their perfect day, it is a fairly inclusive look into one of my last weddings of the season. I look forward to delivering all of these beautiful images to you both soon, Michael and Victoria and wish you the best on all of your new adventures with one another!

Oh yeah, and that’s totally a floating wedding cake!

Second Photographer: Creative Photography by Jodi

Venue: Mill Top Banquet and Conference Center
Caterer: Jackie’s Cafe and Gourmet Catering

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