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“Simple and Weird” – Emily and Thomas – an adventuresome, golden, 9 year engagement story in Monticello, Indiana

“If you plan a wedding, I’ll show up.” Those were the words that initiated the beginning of the new adventures of wedding planning and marriage for Emily and Thomas. While you might be a little surprised at the way this is worded, it’s much more endearing than the initial impression. Thomas and Emily have known one another nearly all of their lives, growing up near one another and even attending the same church as children. As time passed, life took them in different directions until one day, Facebook brought these two back together to reconnect and a month later, begin kindling a love that would span nearly 10 years (and the rest of their lives) together. Emily shared with me that Thomas had actually purchased her engagement ring years before giving it to her and had held onto it for a few years without much suspicion.

Emily and Thomas both subscribe to the words simple and weird. As someone who also very much relates to the weird factor, we certainly all got along very well when we first met for their photography consultation a few months back at Cafe Literato in West Lafayette. Thomas and Emily work so well for one another and with their relaxed demeanor, deep seeded love, and how they both feel so comfortable with one another made this arrangement of two souls, a perfect match.

Their engagement took us to an adventuresome spot south of Monticello, Indiana a bit. It included a muddy hike bike to the creek, a forest of mosquitoes and gnats, and of course lots of hand holding, kissing, and pretending to not nearly die from the hike down while wearing too hot of clothes and ascending a steep and mucky hill. The final part of our engagement took us back to the beginning of our trek, free from bugs, mud, and all the other things that aren’t so common for engagements. They even walked off into the sunset together two different times because it was too perfect not to. During the shoot I had to stop us all since I was surprised by a large owl that was just looking at us about 15 feet away. I was able to frame him (or her) into the picture with Emily and Thomas before he decided a bit of distance was better for all of us but continually watched us as we shot near his home.

I asked Emily to tell me a bit more about themselves and she shared that after their wedding they’d like to move to the south, have lots of animals and continue their chill life with their cats. She also told me that since Thomas’ proposal wasn’t an official one, he has continually joked that he will officially “propose” the day before their wedding. Here’s to all of the simple and weird happiness that these two share and I look forward to their Lafayette, Indiana, Fowler House Mansion wedding in May, 2020.

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