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A Rainy Country Homestead Engagement – Lafayette, Indiana

Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time. This saying is probably a little cliche but I’m all about that–and for these two–it’s holds entirely true. Ben and Maureen both are Indiana natives but life held a little more for both of them inside and out of Indiana. After attending different high schools nearly 100 miles apart and not knowing one another, their paths would cross unknowingly at Purdue and later in California.

Ben is an entrepreneur and product engineer in Kentucky for a manufacturing company. He and Maureen had an unlikely meeting years after they both had left Indiana while at a grand opening for a new store in California. 3 years later, they’re both happily engaged and planning their exciting wedding in downtown Lafayette.

When I asked Ben and Maureen about their engagement, while at their parent’s 200 acre homestead, everyone chuckled. They told me that Ben had proposed at their family’s home in Lafayette on Christmas Eve. Maureen had noticed that he had been acting ‘funny’ and when he sent her over to pick up her presents she even asked him if he was going to propose. The planning was finally complete and when she sat down next to him, he placed a jewelry box in front of her and asked her to marry him.

Since then, they have worked with their families to plan an out of state wedding since both Maureen and Ben live in northern Kentucky currently with his company. Thankfully, Maureen’s aunt just happens to be employed at Fowler House Mansion, one of the loveliest historical venues in the state (and also one of my favorite places to photograph at!). In fact, I met Maureen and her family there while they toured it in hopes of finding her dream venue and reception area for late July of this year. Their family has been wonderfully inviting to me, allowing me to come out to their home to photograph this couple. We all even chatted about different wineries that we all enjoy visiting and shared a bottle during the shoot with me, Maureen and Ben.

Between the hospitality, the playful love that these two have, and their hard work and determination, their wedding and life together will certainly be a fulfilling and amazing adventure! .

Please enjoy this rainy day country homestead engagement in Lafayette, Indiana.

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