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A Ball State Engagement in Muncie, Indiana | Alexis and Evan

While I don’t always photograph Disney princesses, I can say that Alexis probably closely falls into that category. No, she’s not a cartoon character but her fiancé, Evan, did propose at Walt Disney World! But their relationship began a little before their engagement. In fact, it took place where their relationship first began, in Muncie, Indiana at Ball State University.

It all began at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana!

Alexis and Evan began their relationship in 2018, shortly after Alexis graduated from Ball State University with a degree in elementary education. Fun fact, I too graduated from Ball State with a degree in elementary education. (THE MORE YOU KNOW!) So we hit it off very quickly after they reached out back in 2019.

Since Evan is originally from Muncie and many of their first memories as a couple were at Evan’s parents boat dock and hanging around town, we thought it would be great to celebrate their love story in Muncie.

We began our adventure at Ball State University and I quickly realized that some time had passed since I had been a wandering freshman on the grounds. In fact, many of my old haunts no longer existed. But, thankfully, Alexis knew her way around and we had a great time seeing the tallest bell tower in Indiana (take that Purdue!) and got to see Frog Baby (a little girl statue in a fountain carrying frogs in her hands).

Afterward, we headed off to the liquor store because HELLO when in Muncie! We grabbed some beers and headed down to Alexis and Evan’s favorite spot, Evan’s parent’s boat dock. Alexis and Evan shared with me that many of their dates took place at this location and it means so much to them.

Afterward, I took them to one of my favorite spots, ironically, just a mile down the road from the boat dock. This location was special to me because I spent many a night looking up at the stars in this spot and it was special to get to share it with my clients and new friends.

Alexis and Evan celebrate their wedding in May of 2021 and I cannot wait to see how their new adventure will play out!

Enjoy some of these gorgeous Ball State Muncie, Indiana engagement!

ball state bell tower engagement photo
frog baby ball state statue
mrs always right and mr right coozies
couple laughing on fall path
couple kissing in front of barn

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