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The Best Things to do in Salt Lake City in 2023

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While Salt Lake City may have been founded in the 1840s by the Latter Day Saints. Since then, SLC has gained some independence from its religious roots and now has a huge LGBTQ+ community, great bars, and amazing foods. So here are the best things to do in Salt Lake City!

The best places to visit in Salt Lake City in 2022

  1. The best thing to do in Salt Lake City is to take a trip out to the Bonneville Salt Flats. It’s breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and one of the best places I’ve ever visited. There’s nothing like it…unless of course you go to Bolivia to their salt flats.

    salt flats bride and groom

  2. If you love skiing, the best place in Salt Lake City is Park City! In 2002 it hosted the Winter Olympics and was founded back in 1963. With 348 trails, it is the most popular ski resort in Salt Lake City.
  3. Visit the Great Salt Lake! At 1700 square miles, it’s the largest lake in the United States WEST of the Mississippi.

    important: If you’re planning to visit in the winter, consider going to Antelope Island State Park. BUT A WORD OF CAUTION! IF YOU GO to Antelope Island State Park in the Spring, Summer, or Fall, you will be swarmed by a BIBLICAL AMOUNT OF PESTILENCE in the form of horse flies and brine flies (and mosquitos) okay seriously just skip this state park unless it’s the dead of winter because FUCK THAT NOISE (and those flies).

  4. Take a day trip to Moab and visit the National Parks, Arches National Park and Dead Horse National Park. The views are like nothing else in this world and seriously–it would be an epic place to elope.
  5. Take a soak in the hot springs of Salt Lake City! Just 30 minutes away is The Homestead Crater. In a nutshell, it’s an underground hot spring in a limestone beehive. Check out the image below for an example. You can soak in the amazing and warm waters all year round and can even go scuba diving! It’s probably the coolest (but really it’s warm) hotel pool!

    homestead crater
  6. Take a hike! Literally! East of Salt Lake City are gorgeous mountains, free and for pay parks. Be sure to check the requirements before you just in case you bring your dog like I did with Bree and Stephen (and sweet Sequoia, only to find out that dogs aren’t allowed in certain parks to protect the water shed there).
  7. Finally, outside of Salt Lake City, in a place that looks to be about 5,000 miles away from America, but is an easy hour drive from your AirBnB, is the Little Sahara Dunes. If you’ve never been to the actual Sahara desert, this is an excellent option that doesn’t require a passport. Bring lots of water and be sure to go pee before you head out there. Bring a picnic and a blanket and just park out there and enjoy the sunset. But go later because it’s HOT and it’s sandy. But it’s amazing.
best things in salt lake city little sahara sand dunes

Now that you’ve got your schedule for your trip to SLC and the best things in Salt Lake City, it’s time to book your stay!

The Best AirBnBs in Salt Lake

Here is a list of some of the best AirBnbs in Salt Lake City that I’ve found. Click on the links to see if your dates are available. And remember, any time of the year is a good time to visit SLC!
(these are AirBnB affiliate links and I may make some money if you book from here. #winemoney)

The Best Restaurants in SLC

Okay, let’s face it. We all love to travel and eat. I don’t want to take a trip to some new place and only eat fast food. Unless of course it’s In-N-Out Burger which is a real gem and treat out west! Unless you’re my good buddy Stephen Kim who doesn’t love it. (but it’s okay to be wrong!)

1. Takashi – Sushi. A little known fact about Salt Lake City is that it is well known (by the people that live there?) for it’s access to fresh fish! SLC restaurants fly in fish fresh every day and serve it up in their many restaurants. Takashi, the number 1 rated restaurant in Salt Lake City, is no different!

takashi sushi
image courtesy of Instagram

2. Log Haven, American and International food–situated in the beautiful mountains east of Salt Lake City, this log cabin restaurant requires a reservation and definitely will entice romance! Built in 1920 and totally renovated in 1994, it’s a staple in Salt Lake City and rated number 2 on Trip Advisor! Be sure to try the clams and order an appetizer. Portions are small but this is high end cuisine and plated beautifully. Just take a look below!

image courtesy of Instagram

3. Red Iguana, “Killer Mexican Food that’s Worth the Wait” according to their website! And since it’s number 5 on Trip Advisor, you should definitely make it a point to drop in and order the Killer Nachos!

The Best Places to Drink in SLC

On your travels to Salt Lake City, you’re going to want to have a pre-dinner cocktail and a post-dinner glass of wine. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Whatever your taste and preference is, here are the best places to grab a drink!

  1. Ruth Lewandowksi Winery, located in downtown Salt Lake City, it’s rated as the best winery in SLC according to Yelp and hosts some amazing and unique wines that will please any palette.
  2. The Hive Winery, south SLC, in Layton, Utah, is home to honey wine, otherwise known as mead! It also has yummy ciders, small batches of brandy, and fruit wines! From dry (not sweet wines and meads) to sweet liqueurs such as Sheldon’s Raspberry Licker, this will have something for everyone!
  3. Of course, maybe you’re looking for more of a bar scene. If that’s the case, check out Culture Trip’s recommendations for the best bars in Salt Lake City. One of their top recommendations come as an approachable beer hall called Beerhive Pub. It has over 24 beers on tap and hundreds of bottle options. It EVEN features an ice top bar upstairs to keep your beer cold while you chill with your bae. (are people still saying bae?)

There are so many amazing options in SLC in 2023. So why not book a trip today? You can get flights on Delta for as low as $300 roundtrip! Pair that up with some amazing stays, a few yummy eats, and a few drinks, and you’ve got an amazing trip.

Finally, if you’re thinking about a vow renewal, an elopement, or something just for fun, let’s book a session out there! Here’s my link to drop me a message! We love visiting Utah and all the amazing places it has to offer! I’ll even help you come up with a little travel itinerary!

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