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Colorado Family Adventure Photos | The Meadows Family | Estes Park

New Adventure Productions was founded on the idea that adventure is an important part of life. I wanted to travel, document the adventures of people, and help share it with the world. I first met Stephanie, owner of Little Miss Cupcakes, back at one of my first weddings. Since then, we’ve had the chance to work together often and have become friends. When she told me she was heading to Colorado for vacation, I suggested we do some Colorado family adventure photos.

What are Colorado Family Adventure Photos?

So glad you asked! You see, Stephanie and Brandon were planning on a vacation to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary. They were also overdue for family photos. So, I pitched the idea that I’d fly out and photograph both the family and the couple in the mountains of Colorado. Documenting their journey and adventure into the Rockies so that they’d have those great memories for a lifetime and could remember how wonderful their 10 year anniversary was.

So, we planned and coordinated our schedules and voila! These family adventure photos in Colorado turned out perfectly! Better than I ever could have hoped for and I am so grateful to have had the chance to travel with them.

Even though the farther we went into the Rockies, the colder it got, we persevered through and were able to capture some amazing and super dramatic imagery that I feel belong above a fireplace. The adventure up Trail Ridge Road with stops at some of the pull-offs was made even more special by the amazing views just past Estes Park. We were even greeted by some of the woodland creatures who were literally crawling all over us at one point.

The trip culminated near the pinnacle of Trail Ridge Road where we spent a blistering 10 minutes in 50MPH freezing cold winds. But looking at the images, you’d have sworn time stopped because neither Stephanie nor Brandon made this chilly and rather windy adventure session in Colorado, look uncomfortable.

Finally, on the way back down, Stephanie and Brandon began the ritual that they had started out to complete. You see, when they were first married, they were gifted a box with wine, two glasses, and were instructed to write letters to one another in case of times of hardship in the future. Since that bottle of wine and those letters had been shared years ago, they decided to renew the wine and letters with further letters of love and admiration for one another.

I love how wonderful the symbolism of nailing down the box closed again with hopes of never having to open it but knowing that if they did, they would be greeted with all the wonderful memories of Colorado and their decade of love together.

We wish you all the best on your continued adventure together and look forward to seeing you both grow and continue to love one another.

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rocky mountain national park
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