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How to Blog for Photographers

how to blog for photographers

Ever wondered how to blog for conversion? Wondering how to get found on Google by your most ideal clients? Are do you just want to show up on Google but you hate blogging? Let’s dive in.

You don’t hate blogging.

I promise you that you don’t actually hate blogging. You’re just confused by it. And with the pile up of photos in your backlog, marketing, social media, balancing your personal life with business, and trying to also not look like a total train wreck while doing it, blogging just feels like something else that we have to do. Right?

Well, we certainly should be blogging. You probably know that I’m a big proponent of blogging and have spent the last few years really learning how to blog for maximum SEO payoffs.

So let’s just jump (write) in! (Sorry not sorry for the awful puns).

How to blog for photographers and content creators.

keep it simple when blogging

It might sound redundant, but blogging needs and should be simple. And not like, oh wow a first grader can do this shiz, but like actually simple. Photographers and creative entrepreneurs have this misconception that blogging should literally encompass every single detail, bit of information, and be super word heavy.

The thing is–your blog doesn’t need to have it all.

Sorry, Morticia. Nope. We’ve go to keep it simple! Let me just cut through the crap here. Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is looking for content that answers what?

The search of the user.

And to provide a good Google experience it sends the user to the best available content on the web that it can find on a website. 

People aren’t searching this:

the best things to do in Hawaii also where should I stay, where can I eat at, is there any government shutdowns, and also where can I get a beach massage with a hot Hawaiian Maui/The Rock type that’s single but also just a little bit bad and a whole lotta good?”

Nope. No one searches like that. Well. Maybe your unideal client does. But for the rest of us and your ideal, they’re probably not.

What are they searching? Ask yourself WWYS? WHAT WOULD YOU SEARCH?

I’d search: “Best places to elope in Maui”
You’d probably search:  “How to plan your elopement”
Your ideal client might search: “Best wedding photographers in Sedona”

What do these searches all have in common?

They’re simple!

So once you have that question, this is what becomes your long-tail keyword.

SEO and Blogging

Yup! I went there with an SEO term.

But don’t worry, it’s just one.

A long-tail keyword is what Google is reading on your site. It’s the search inquiry that your client is looking for “best wedding photographers in Minneapolis.” It’s also going be the title of your blog.

From there.

Tell them what the answer is according to you.

Now “Best wedding photographer in XYZ” might not be a good blog post because it would have to be about you and that sounds contrived and pretentious. But you can focus on other blog topics such as informational blogs.

My favorite blog topic is telling someone how to elope somewhere.
But this doesn’t have to be your favorite topic. It can be anything that adds value.

“How to write wedding vows”

“What should I wear to my engagement”

“How to get your marriage license in Las Vegas”

Whatever the subject. Keep it simple. Break the subject matter down and short paragraphs.

And always be sure to…

use headers when blogging

specifically H2 and H3 headers.

DO NOT USE H1 headers in the body of your blog.


Because H1 headers are only to be used 1x per page and for blogs, it’s the actual title of the blog.

H2 and H3 Headers are supplemental related keywords to your original header.
h1=how to elope in maui

h2=best places to elope in maui

h3=best time of the year to get married in hawaii

(The farther the number is from 1, the less related things are).

I used portions of my keywords “elope in Maui” in my h2 header.

My h3 header has the word wedding and Hawaii. These words are related to elope and Maui but not as specific. Thing more general the farther away you get from your blog title/H1.

Blog Header Examples

Here’s an example of an H1 header on a blog. It’s the title.

Below is an example of an H2 header. It’s a supplemental keyword to the original long-tail keyword. Meaning it’s related to the subject matter but not totally identical. It may use similar words but not verbatim.

Below is an example of an H3 header. It’s less related to the original keyword phrase you’re using. It may use related words but nothing identical.

Want to check out the blog I’m referencing? Here’s a link!

I’m too busy to blog

I get it. We’re all very busy and maybe this keyword stuff is a little scary still. But at least you know what you’re looking for when creating a blog.

So my second recommendation for blogging and getting out value adding content to your readers is.


I said it! Outsourcing can be your best friend. But what’s our biggest hang up with outsourcing?

The cost.

It’s probably going to be expensive, right?

Well, it’s not actually. And I’ll tell you exactly where I go to outsource some of my blogs when I’m too busy.

Outsource your blogs to Fiverr!

new adventure workshop photography marketing workshop

Outsourcing your blogs doesn’t have to cost a fortune and to make it easier for you. I’ve been working with an amazing site called Fiverr to take care of some of my blogging. My average cost is around $40 for a blog to be written. Now there are options for more expensive writers but I found a few writers who specialize in what I’m looking to blog about and do a fabulous job.

Maybe $40 sounds like a lot right now when you’re charging lower rates for your work. But even if just ONE person books you from reading that blog you’ve more than paid for the service.

My destination elopements begin at $4500. If one person reads my blog about how to elope in the Salt Flats or wherever, my return on the investment is 11,000%!

That’s like winning the lottery (except this isn’t a tax on the poor).

How to outsource your blogging to Fiverr

Step 1. Create an account. You can use this affiliate link (I get a small kickback on it if you do and you get 10% off your first order!).

Step 2. Search for bloggers or the type of blog you want to write. “Photography blog”, “Travel blog”, “Blogging”, any of those searches will do you good.

Step 3. Do your research. Read the reviews of the person you’re looking to outsource to. Do they speak English or the language you want to blog in? Are they from the States or another country? Do the reviews from your country/language meet your requirements?

Step 4. Send the person a message and ask questions. Most Fiverr freelancers are super fast to return messages. I know some people that work on Fiverr that live on the other side of the world but keep US hours because their clients live here.

Step 5. Know what you want to blog about. Give them examples and references. Be sure to know what keyword you want (remember our long-tail keyword lesson above?)

Step 6. Outsource it. Get it back. Proof it and then add your own flair and voice to it. The only downfall is that they’re not you. Be sure to infuse your brand voice into it. Also be sure to touch on your branding topics. If you’re humorous, use humor. Add some memes or GIFs and be sure to relay the point across.

Step 7. Optimize and Publish! Rinse and Repeat. Paste your new blog into your blogger and optimize it for SEO. If you’re a Showit or WordPress user, be sure to reference the Yoast SEO Tool below. It will tell you if you’re SEO is good. Green = Go. Be sure to include internal links to other parts of your site such as a contact button as well as outbound links to other related sites.

Step 8. Share it with the world! Ask for people to comment on it! Have them share it too! Pin the shit out of it on Pinterest and cross-post to Insta and Facebook.

Step 9. Wait for the inquiries to come in! It may take time for Google to crawl and see your blog. But creating new content is powerful and necessary for domain ranking (showing up on Page 1 of Google).

how to blog for photographers

Want to learn more about blogging, marketing, and destination elopement photography? Check out the New Adventure Workshop page and apply to join us at our next workshop!

Stay tuned for more marketing education, SEO, and photography tips!

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