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An Outdoor Indiana Viking Wedding in January, Wabash County Farmstead

Marriage is more than just a day. It’s a lifetime commitment that dates back thousands of years to hundreds or even thousands of different cultures. What makes a wedding so special is the love and uniqueness that two individuals bring forth–so whether you’re having a grand Catholic ceremony in front of 500 people or are planning something more intimate with your closest family and friends, each wedding day is unique and perfect on its own. This Winter Viking wedding in Wabash, Indiana was the perfect spin on a beautiful moment.

Hunter and Allison met nearly a decade in high school but it wasn’t until a few years back that the  spark of love really ignited into the wedding pyre of Sunday’s outdoor wedding. That’s right! This couple hosted their wedding out of doors surrounded by their closest kindred. 

Each wedding that I’ve had the privilege of photographing brings something unique to it. Whether they’re choosing to do a first look, wear their grandmother’s veil, or have a traditional viking priest, known as a gothi, perform the Viking rites of a wedding ceremony, every wedding is special and spectacular in its own way. I bet you’re astute enough to figure out that one of these unique options is how Hunter and Allison celebrated their wedding day. During our consultation last March, Allison and Hunter shared their love story with me and their plans for an intimate, outdoor, Viking wedding ceremony. For nearly a year, I’ve been looking forward to photographing this particularly unique ceremony and when the big day came, I was ready and excited! Wedding planning on a budget can be rewarding because you’re stepping into your new life as a married couple without the debt of a wedding day. It can also be very trying because many of the details are left up to you. Despite a few hiccups, including a dress alteration incident that ultimately led Allison to wear the gorgeous gown on her wedding day, all went according to plan. 

Set in rural Wabash County, Indiana, on her family’s farmstead, Allison and Hunter, performed the traditional rites of a Viking marriage including the sounding of a real horn, the drinking of mead, handfasting, and jumping the broom. It also included lots of hugs, kisses, and laughter all throughout the day. Accompanied by a group of men and women that helped both the bride and groom, along with an amazingly supportive family and the perfect backdrop wedding venue (Allison’s grandfather’s farm), this 2020 Indiana January Outdoor Viking Wedding sailed as smoothly as a longboat. Another unique and beautiful moment from this wedding day included the beginning parts of the ceremony, which were held in the Viking’s tongue of Norse, dating back over 1000 years. Alongside the Viking rituals, Allison shared in the spotlight with her flowing purple velvet cloak that kept her not only a surprise to the groom, but also warm and stylish. 

Thank you, Allison and Hunter for allowing me to capture your Winter Viking wedding day and to take part in all of the magical happenings on Sunday. I wish you both all of the success, happiness, and love.

A special thanks to these wonderful vendors as well:

Second photographer: Megan Wettschurack

Hair: Elise Duncan

Makeup: Georgia Vellos

DJ: Terry LeMaster

Gothi: Topher Henry – The Asatru Community

Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse    

Colors: Purple and Black

Bride’s Advice: “Save as much money as possible and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Most of my stress wouldn’t have been an issue if I would have spent more time saving money and planning. Also, don’t worry about the small things like decorations you will hardly see. You won’t remember what color your tablecloths were in 5-years. Be flexible. Nothing will work out perfectly, but as long as you end up married to your love, the day will be perfect. Deep breaths, you got this.”



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    Nice pictures! Looks like it was a really nice day.