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Bri and Josh – A Golden Sunset Engagement and County Fair Adventure – Lafayette, Indiana

Dating has come such a long way in our society. At one point, the only way to meet someone was through either a mutual connection or through serendipity but always in person. Since the introduction of smartphones, the internet, and dating apps, I’ve met so many amazing couples that have found their true loves by “swiping right.” (I never understood Tinder since it wasn’t really popular til after I was in my current and permanent relationship with my now wife). The amount of love that has come through simple connections and mutual attraction is unprecedented and we are looking at an age of digital love. 

Josh and Bri met through a dating app one evening when Bri saw a picture of Josh’s boots. It was as simple as ‘yeehaw’ for these two and after a few months of chatting back and forth and going on dates, they made things official in the fall of 2014. This couple has such a down to earth, fun, loving vibe. They know who they are and they’re comfortable in their own skin, they’re proud of their roots, and they’re absolutely and truly in love with one another. 

Their engagement, this past April, took place in Arkansas after his sister’s wedding. The following evening everyone was gathering at his mom’s house for a bonfire and to visit and enjoy the April weather. Bri and Josh had traveled with their best friend, Emily and Bri and Emily had ventured off to show her Arkansas and all its beauty. When they returned, Bri was pulled indoors to get photos of Josh growing up and when she went back outside, there was a large group of friends and family and a nice bonfire ready to enjoy. 

The evening continued on and before she knew it, and very unexpectedly Josh had knelt down and had asked Bri to marry him. She said that she was so surprised and wasn’t even sure if he had proposed since he was so nervous and had whispered his proposal to her. It wasn’t until his family member’s asked if she was going to say yes or no. 

They have their gorgeous barn venue in Crawfordsville booked for the Fall of 2020. Bri tells me that her favorite thing about Josh is how he is so grounding and wonderful. She shared that neither she nor Josh thought that they were ever going to marry anyone but when they found each other, she knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She went on to share that he is patient, loving, and kind to her and that she is looking forward to their wedding day and beyond for all of the wonderful memories and times that they will share together.

This session was so near and dear to my heart because not only did we get to finally shoot in some beautiful summer sunset light (HALLELUJAH!) they were totally down to come out to the local county fair and let me be creative and fun there too. While we couldn’t find any cotton candy on a stick, we did find lots of beautiful neon lights from the rides and my lovely assistant and fellow photographer, Emily helped with the flash. This couple got all the looks as they paraded around the fair looking gorgeous and in love. I am so excited to share this lively and fun engagement with you!

Thank you, Bri and Josh for having me be a part of your day. You two are amazing and I cannot wait for next fall!

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