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Stress Free Wedding Planning in 1 Step

There are so many different Pinterest boards on how to make wedding planning easier. There are a million links on tips and tricks and everything else on how to ensure that you have an amazing wedding day. There are also lots of great resources that outline in detail, different things you can do to make sure that everything goes smoothly on your wedding day. Do you want a stress free wedding planning process in 1 step? Read on!

Organization is key!

One important thing that I’ve learned after 5 years of being married to a woman who is exceptionally organized, is that organization is the key to a peaceful well being. Living in clutter and chaos simply feeds into stress and makes it far more difficult to think or feel well. Hence why I clean the kitchen and work diligently to make sure it’s always put together and that my dishes aren’t piling up. Felicia keeps the bathroom tidy and we both are good to put things away in our common living spaces and bedroom. 

But you’re not here because you want to know how to clean your home. If you want a clean home I recommend two people. Stanley Steemer of Lafayette, run and owned by a personal friend who has been in the business for over 40 years. They work so hard on providing the most excellent cleaning for your floors and carpets and are amazing at not using chemicals, so if you have little ones or furry ones running around, you don’t have to worry. The other person, who came today and visited with us, is Libman Cleaning. They did an exceptional job of deep cleaning our home and leaving it absolutely perfect. But since this isn’t about keeping your home clean but rather–your wedding planning process tidy–here goes.

This easy, perfect, absolutely free thing you can do to ensure that your wedding planning process stays organized and in turn, far less stressful, is to get *insert drum roll!*

Stress Free Wedding Planning – Get a Wedding Email!

Seriously, it’s that simple. Having an account for your wedding such as your wedding day hashtag, your future last name together, or DaleWedding2020 will make your life one million times easier. 

couple standing together at their wedding

Having things in one place–all your wedding contracts, invoices, your collaborations with vendors, finalized details, and just all of it make life so much simpler. No more wondering if you sent your some emails to katiekatguuuuuurl69@hotmail or ninjawarriorbrosufdudewtf@yahoo. Everything is simple and organized under BrentandKateWedding2020 or HappilyEverAllen@gmail. 

Use Gmail for the free wedding account!

So beyond that, the only caveat I have to this is to use Gmail. #1 it’s free. #2 it’s literally like the easiest thing to log into since Google runs the world. #3 it comes with 15GB of FREE digital storage. That means that if you are my client, when you receive your digital files for download, I’ll always always always tell you to not JUST save them onto your computer. Computers crash and lives are ruined. You also can’t exclusively trust some external hard drive for you techier friends.

beautiful couple standing on a stairwell at their wedding in black tux and chinese red wedding dress

No, I too have learned the hard way after losing literally thousands of images from my college years, collegiate papers I wrote, and even a couple novels I wrote as a college student. SO–in order to prevent media mayhem and the loss of all things sacred (excellent movie title, right?) I recommend using the Gmail account and saving your images to Google Drive–or Google Photos within your Gmail account. Again, it’s free and organized, and safe and like I tell every single client I meet with–if Google goes under, the world is probably over and losing a few digital files is the least of your concerns. 

Here’s a link to sign up for Google. If you’re planning a wedding in the early stages or even in the middle and you’re using multiple emails-consider changing over and sending all your wedding emails over. Better yet, organize them by vendor by creating files for them in your email. That’s an extra step of organization if you don’t like a messy inbox. 

Cheers and Happy Planning!

Since you’re wedding planning—stop in and learn a little about one of the most beautiful venues in town!

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