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A Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas Elopement

a little white wedding chapel las vegas elopement

Imagine getting to live out every elopement dream by booking a destination elopement at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. You hear about it in the movies and even the tabloids with celebrities like “Bennifer” (Ben Afleck and JLo) and even folks like Britney Spears and Joan Collins. Jason and Stephanie joined the ranks of these amazing folks sharing perfect wedding vows at their destination Las Vegas elopement.

a destination las vegas desert elopement with bride and groom

Jason and Stephanie met years ago and have since built a life together. Between Jason’s love for cars and Stephanie’s love for adventure, a Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas elopement was the perfect choice.

But of course, Vegas, at least when you elope with me, isn’t totally complete without getting out into the desert to enjoy the beautiful rock and mountain formations nearby. So, I drove these two lovebirds, and one of their besties, out to a beautiful space about an hour out of town for more wedding day portraits the day prior. It was so absolutely wonderful and between running through the desert, have these two share one hundred kisses for love, and ending our wedding day adventure with matching tattoos, I’d say it was all super excellent.

A Perfect Las Vegas elopement itinerary 

welcome to fabulous las vegas sign with bride and groom

Stpehanie and Jason chose to elope in Las Vegas so not only could they enjoy all the wonderful things the city has to offer but also to have their family be in attendance. You heard me right, your family can totally join your Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas elopement if you’d like them to. And they were all so eager to come out and support this wonderful couple.

But before we did that, here’s how I broke down their Las vegas elopement itinerary.

Day 1. We began with a trip to Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. This is such an iconic spot for your destination Las Vegas elopement and it was the perfect time of day to go. So we waited in line and popped up to grab some epic photos of these two in front of the sign. After we finished that, we headed out to the desert east of town. There are a couple spots I really enjoy visiting when taking folks out to Las Vegas portraits in the desert for their elopement but this spot was perfect because of the mountains. We took a ton of portraits into the evening, got dusk portraits, and ended our desert visit with a trip down to Fremont.

Stephanie and Jason were staying off strip in a family time share condo so I was super happy to drive them down to Fremont for after dark photos. We started down at one end and walked all the way down, enjoying moments in front of the 4 Queens, The Golden Nugget, and finally ending at Circa in oen of my favorite casino bars, Vegas Vickie’s Cocktail Lounge inside Circa. We ordered cocktails, enjoyed a few more moments together and then trekked back to our car amidst the tourists and locals all sharing their well wishes and congratulations to the couple.

las vegas circa vegas vickie's cocktail bar with bride and groom

Day 2. We began our coverage in the early afternoon. Stephanie and Jason kept things pretty easy and lowkey for the second day, which was their actual wedding day. This was the day they’d be married and share in dinner together with their family and friends.

After finalizing hair and makeup in their condo, we headed down to A Little White Wedding Chapel for their Las Vegas elopement.

After signing paperwork, we met with their officiant and everyone filed in to enjoy a perfectly intimate ceremony that included a lot of emotions and some beautiful vows with one another.

Afterward, we go to take family portraits in the famous Tunnel of Love at the Little White Wedding Chapel. After that, they made plans to visit The Buffet at The Wynn at my suggestion so they could enjoy a wedding day feast with one another. 

Like I mentioned earlier, Jason is a huge car fan and runs a pretty epic truck Instagram account. So, being a gearhead and car lover, it only made sense that we’d utilize the beautiful Pink Cadillac inside the Tunnel of Love for portraits. 

little white wedding chapel tunnel of love with pink cadillac with bride and groom

After finishing up portraits at the Little White Wedding Chapel, there was one more adventure we had to take for their two day Las Vegas elopement itinerary.

Matching tattoos!

koolsville wedding day tattoos with bride and groom

I took these cool kids down to Koolsville Tattoo and they chose matching tattoos.

I even joined in the fun and added a little tattoo to match one I had from a previous Las Vegas visit.

The last part of our day had concluded, tattoos complete, and Jason and Stephanie happily ever after married at the Little White Wedding Chapel at their Las Vegas Elopement.

It was such a wonderful time and I hope that I can help future couples elope in Las Vegas and navigate all the fun out there.

Cheers to these wonderful two and to all the joy to come for them.

A special thanks to:

Koolsville Tattoos

A Little White Wedding Chapel

The Buffet at The Wynn

The Hilton Grand Vacations on the Las Vegas Strip

Dress Shop: The One by Something Blue Bridal

Wedding Bands: Roger and Hollands

Cake: Rolling in Dough Bakery in Las Vegas

Bouquet: Sola Wood Flowers

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