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How to Elope in Las Vegas (2024 Guide)

how to elope in las vegas

Known as the wedding capital of the world, Las Vegas is the perfect place to elope. Here’s everything you need to know about how to elope in Las Vegas and make those Vegas destination wedding dreams come true, baby!

las vegas wedding elopement strip

About Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas is an internationally known city for amazing food, fine dining, high-end shopping, desert views, and of course, booze and gambling!
  • Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world! It’s literally the place where the most people get married. So I guess instead of Sin City we could call it the city of love!
  • Perfect elopement destination for couples looking for a breathtaking outdoor view or the city bright lights
  • It’s great for both spur of the moment elopements (I planned an elopement there for a bride in under 4 weeks). It’s also ideal for traditional or destination weddings as well as it has literally something for everyone!
las vegas wedding couple in desert

How to Get to Las Vegas

  • When traveling by plane
    • McCarran International Airport (service over 30 airlines)
  • Ground Transportation
    • Presidential Limousine Las Vegas 
      • Highly recommended to get from the airport to your hotel room, offers roundtrip option, perfect for parties
        (this is super ideal if you do NOT plan to rent a car! Prices vary but expect to pay $150 round trip)
    • Omni Limo 
      • Another amazing limo service that can host up to 24 people in their largest options van
    • Uber/Lyft
      • Rates for trips from Las Vegas airport to the strip run around $15-$20 one way.
        (this option adds up to being very pricey. However, if you plan on staying in just one location in Vegas, it’s mostly ideal).
    • Rent a car.
      • Short week: about $250 for cars. 
      • Parking is free in most places and at hotels
      • This is by far my favorite way to get around in Vegas. It allows you a freedom you don’t have typically and driving in Vegas isn’t too bad!
  • Other fun ways of getting around

Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

  1. Southwest Airlines flies to Las Vegas every single day. Round trip tickets from Indianapolis to Las Vegas (with a 2 month buffer) are around $250 per person. This includes two checked bags.
  2. Allegiant Air also offers direct flights to Las Vegas for around $275 per person with the perk of choosing your own seat there and back.

What are the best hotels to stay at in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has a lot of stay options but I’ve highlighted 4 different options with summer prices. When you plan your Las Vegas elopement, remember that there is probably always a lower price and with a little effort, you can find it. I’ll share how below!

Cheapest to most expensive stays in Las Vegas

Side note: don’t be fooled by “cheap stays” in Vegas. There really isn’t a truly “cheap” stay. It’s an expensive city and resorts are greedy. So what are they doing to be so greedy? (or capitalistically opportunistic as someone else might say?) They charge resort fees.

The cheapest place to stay for your elopement in Las Vegas.

The Oyo Hotel and Casino is the cheapest stay in Vegas I’ve found. Price per night? $16. Amazing deal right? Well, sure, but when you add up the taxes and resort fees, you’re looking at around $60 per night. Still not a bad deal but certainly not the low price wet dream we’re all looking to book.

Affordable Places I’d Stay on the Las Vegas Strip

  1. The Flamingo Hotel — Owned by Caesars properties, it opened in 1946 and is the first luxury hotel of Vegas. What began with a little over 100 rooms has 3,460 rooms and almost 73,000 square feet. (Although it’s dwarfed by the MGM grand with over double the rooms and an extra 100,000 square feet). Average stays around $30-$70 a night.

    If you decide on the Flamingo, book the renovated rooms and avoid the Go Room and The Fab room. Opt for a Flamingo Room which was renovated recently and is much nicer (and cleaner).

    Pro tip: sign up for Total Rewards by Caesar and then purchase a FoundersCard. FoundersCard members get exclusive benefits including car rental discounts and hotel discounts. They also get premium tier statuses at hotels such as Caesars.

  2. Paris Las Vegas — this is by far one of my most favorite stays in Vegas. Located right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and priced moderately, it’s the perfect romantic getaway while in Vegas. Everything inside the Paris is themed to appear Parisian and they even have some food such as Le Creperie available down their boardwalk indoor stroll that looks like a Paris evening. Rates are $40-$100 a night.

  3. Caesars Palace – A visit to Vegas wouldn’t be complete without at least stopping by Caesars! It’s one of the largest resorts in Vegas and has so many options you can totally get lost inside. Aside from beautiful rooms and a gorgeous pool area, you’re also greeted with lots of dining options including the Bucchanal Buffet and luxury shopping. Room rates begin around $90 a night.
  4. Badass AirBnbs! Hey! Maybe you’re more of a couple that wants to live on their own pace. I respect that so much! Here’s a list of some amazing AirBnBs in the Las Vegas area (including some boutique hotel AirBnB stays that range in price! You’ll need to rent a car if you go with these!
las vegas fremont wedding

Luxury Stays in Vegas on the Strip

Luxury is super subjective but consider this “approachable” luxury. These aren’t Kim K and Biebs only room prices. These are rooms anyone can afford. I refer to them as luxury due to their location and their price differences from the low cost rooms I was just mentioning.

  1. The Venetian – This stay can range from $150-$400 a night depending on your choice of dates. It has some amazing food options and the luxurious and very sexy, Tao Nightclub where you’re bound to hear the likes of some very famous DJs spinning.
  2. The Palazzo – Slightly more updated than the Venetian, the Palazzo is similar to the Venetian with prices ranging from $150-$400 a night.
  3. The Wynn – home of The Wynn Buffet, a must stop, The Wynn feels like luxury. It’s located farther up the strip than Caesars but is still within a moderate walking distance to most of the amenities. Prices range from $150-$500 a night.
  4. The Cosmopolitan – This is a hidden gem of luxury. While room prices are a bit lower than the resorts mentioned above, it is probably one of the best locations to stay at in Vegas. Located next to the Bellagio Fountain, you can literally book a room and get the best views of the fountain from your balcony or window for $200 a night.

    I’ll also add that the Cosmo has some very fun and hidden speakeasys including a hidden pizza speakeasy with AMAZING pizza choices. For the bar speakeasy here’s a hint: don’t be a jackass, just look for one.

    I could go on and on about nice stays. Here’s the thing with all the stays in Vegas, you’re not going to be spending MUCH time in your room and even the most ghetto of rooms is going to help you nurse off that Vegas hangover you’re bound to encounter at some point.

The Best Stays on Fremont Street in Las Vegas

fremont las vegas wedding

Fremont Street is not part of the Las Vegas strip, although it is a strip, and if you’re into Chip and Dales you can stop for a strip and a photo with these hunky fellas.

Here are the best stays on Fremont Street, which in itself, deserves some of your attention

Circa – This entirely renovated and remodeled as of 2021 resort is amazing! I love Circa and it’s perfectly located at the end of Fremont Street. Circa has a high end and very luxurious feeling without being totally unattainable. Prices average at around $160-$250 a night but the best part of Circa aren’t the rooms. Circa is home to some very luxury bars that you’ll want to get dolled up to enjoy. Their rooftop lounge was a stunner and we were able to SOMEHOW make our way up there one very drunken Las Vegas evening and sip the most delicious cocktails.

Circa is home to Vegas Vicky, a famous neon sign that has a motorized kicking leg! Check her out!

vegas vicky

The Golden Nugget – another Fremont classic located at the center of Fremont as well. These rooms average around $100 a night and will leave you feeling lucky!

Where can I elope in Las Vegas?

I am so glad you asked! There are just about a million places to get married in Las Vegas. Most of these locations include everything in their fees and so for around $300 you can get married by an Elvis impersonator, have him serenade you, and exchange your vows in a little white chapel or outdoors in the Vegas sun.

Unfortunately, not all venues allow outside photographers so if you plan on hiring someone (like me). You’ll have to pay a small fee between $150-$300. Being “all in” for a ceremony with Elvis for $300-$600 is a steal and your blue eyes won’t be crying in the rain at that price!

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels and Venues

  1. A Little White Wedding Chapel join the likes of Britney Spears, Joan Collins, and even my gorgeous clients, Steph and Jason, who eloped in this perfect Las Vegas venue.
  2. Paradise Wedding Chapel Regular ceremonies begin at $150 and Elvis ceremonies from $270 with Elvis or Little Elvis. Bring your own photographer is $300. They’re located right off the Vegas strip.

    paradise wedding chapel las vegas wedding
  3. The Freemont Wedding Chapel – Elvis Weddings are around $300-500 and bring your own photographer is $150. They also offer a simple “I do” ceremony for $99 but this doesn’t include much so maybeeeee consider another option. They’re also not going to be on the strip but rather in the historic Freemont Street so if you’re in the area you can always drop in!
  4. Caesar’s Weddings, such as Paris, Flamingo, Caesar’s Palace, etc, all have amazing wedding venue options that range in price. Outside vendors are $200 per vendor. I recommend the Flamingo Wedding Chapel. With an all in price around $850 (with up to 50 people, small floral arrangements, an outside photographer, and a ceremony, this is an excellent more inclusive and elevated feel option
  5. The STRAT Hotel – with many different options, the Strat offers a very elevated experience. LITERALLY! The Strat stands above the other buildings in Las Vegas and includes some thrill seeker rides at the very top. It’s ideal for a micro-wedding or elopement with family and friends. Afterward, you can set reservations for Top of the World Restaurant to celebrate!

The Best Outdoor Locations to Get Married in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full of beautiful lights and attractions. It’s also surrounded by miles of desert beauty! Here are some of the best locations outdoors to get married in Las Vegas

  1. Red Rock Canyon State Park
    Spectacular rust-colored mountains; 17 miles west of the Vegas Strip, and perfect for a dramatic outdoor ceremony. The two designated sites for weddings in the canyon provide nature lovers with a scenic backdrop for a dazzling desert affair. This location will require a and wedding permit. Thankfully, nothing else is required so the cost is fairly low.
  2. Jean Roach Dry Lake Bed
    If you’ve followed my work, you know that this is my MUST STOP location for desert portraits. I always relate this place to so many gorgeous memories. It’s free to elope here and is easy to access. Pro-tip if you invite guests, visit the lake bed in advance and pin a location on your maps to send to your decorator and guests. The dry lake bed is vast and very empty. I’d recommend somewhere along the edge to marry because there are lots of cars, trucks, and motorcycles that race out there as well. Thankfully, it’s big enough for everyone.

    My amazing clients, Josh and Bri married at Jean Roach Dry Lake Bed and it was amazing!

    jean roach dry lake bed elopement
  3. Calico Basin
    Next door to Red Rock Canyon is Calico Basin, another gorgeous stop into the Vegas desert. This location has great views and is just a short drive outside of Vegas. Here’s the link to the wedding permit you’ll need in order to marry there. The permit covers a photographer as well so no extra fees are required. (This is also a great location for wedding portraits. See them here with Ryan and Tanya’s elopement).
  4. Valley of Fire State Park
    The Valley of Fire State Park, located Northeast of Las Vegas, is a gorgeous and dreamy red rock and desertscape of intimate hideaways and gorgeous views. If you love nature, hiking (of any skill level) and want photos like no one else’s, this is your stop. In order to host a wedding there, you’ll need a licensed planner. Emily, with Elopements Las Vegas can help you get the wedding permits you’ll need and provide decor and rentals for your elopement day!
  5. Lake Mead
    Located less than an hour from The Strip, Lake Mead is a beautiful lake reservoir with desert surroundings, perfect for an elopement day.
  6. The Neon Museum
    This location, home to all of the past signs of Las Vegas, is the perfect place to start your new adventure together! You’ll have 60 minutes to share vows and have portraits taken there along with guests! The cost is around $1000.

To get legally married in Las Vegas and to plan a Las Vegas elopement, you’re going to need to get a certified marriage certificate. Don’t worry, it isn’t hard. You can fill out the pre-application online and then just stop by the courthouse a day before your ceremony. Here’s a link to the application and information!

The Best Places to Eat in Las Vegas when you Elope!

Vegas is home to over 4,300 restaurants and 10 Michelin Star restaurants. There’s literally something for everyone. Here are some of my favorite places to eat in Las Vegas when you elope!

Salivating Homer Simpson GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Cheap places with yummy munchies on the strip

Tacos El Gordo is near the Park MGM and Encore by Wynn, this place has authentic tasty street tacos for super cheap. A nice reprieve from the expensive food of Vegas.

tacos el gordo image instagram
Images courtesy of Tacos El Gordo Instagram

Shake Shack in the MGM hotel, has super tasty burgers for less than $10. A steal! I even heard you can get a beer and a burger at lunch for less than $15.

shake shack burgers on a tray with french fries
Image courtesy of Shake Shack’s Instagram

Eggslut This is hands down one of my FAVORITE places to eat, ever, in Vegas. The star of the show is the The Slut. No shaming here, though. I’m a sucker for a good slut in Las Vegas. (cage-free coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar, topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette). It’s located inside the Cosmopolitan just steps from the Ghost Donkey speakeasy!

eggslut sandwich in hands of woman with painted nails
Image courtesy of Eggslut’s Instagram and Third Eye Vision Photography
Music Video GIF by Katy Perry - Find & Share on GIPHY
How we’re all feeling about this foodie trip…I mean elopement in Las Vegas.

Must eat places in Las Vegas!

Now that we’ve saved a few bucks, let’s talk about fancy dinner. We aren’t going to Vegas JUST to eat at the Heart Attack Grill. We are there to celebrate the plan of our Las Vegas elopement. RIGHT?

So, there’s one restaurant that you should visit and eat at. That’s right, it’s a visitor attraction but the best value for your money is to pay for lunch or dinner.

Top of the World restaurant located in the Strat hotel (formerly the Stratosphere hotel) is a unique spin on dining. Literally. It’s a restaurant 850 UP IN THE AIR with amazing views of Las Vegas and the surrounding mountains. It also revolves 360 degrees every 80 minutes.

strat hotel and dining las vegas skyline
Image courtesy of Instagram

This is the perfect dinner for you and your beau before or after your elopement. I recommend the filet mignon and to make reservations 30 minutes before sunset.

Pro tip, be sure to make reservations as you may not be able to go up without one! The cost is totally worth it and it’s an excellent dinner.

Capo’s Restaurant and Speakeasy – This gem of a restaurant is located off the strip so you’ll need a car and reservations. BUT OH MY GAWD THE FOOD WAS UNBELIEVABLE! I think the mob presence in Vegas truly influenced how amazing the italian dining is in Vegas. The place is dark, intimate, and had amazing food. We spent about $120 for dinner with drinks and took away leftovers. Their house sauce is a mix of red and white sauce, rendering it a delicious pink. Be sure to figure out the (Google it) the password for the speakeasy for a special treat when you arrive!

The Angry Crab Shack deemed the “Best seafood in town”, this place is neither romantic or intimate, unless you consider getting messy with your bestie over some amazing seafood boils! Seriously, I was skeptical at first but HOLY SHITBALLS, it was outstanding. Don’t hesitate to mix sauces when you order your boil. And if you LOVE gigantic crab claw, call ahead for the dungeness crab and get you one set aside. These honkers could feel all the starving orphans and you’re going to LOVE EVERY TENDER BITE!

crab claw las vegas

Mayfair Supper Club – dinner and a show anyone? Located inside the Bellagio, Mayfair Supper Club is absolutely hands down ONE of those places you just have to experience. While prices are on the high end side, (welcome to your honeymoon!) you won’t be disappointed. Instead of investing in shows, you get dinner and a show here. Consider making reservations a few months in advance as this is a very prestigious space.

mayfair supper club las vegas

The Buffet at The Wynn – one of the lone surviving buffets of Las Vegas, this one is a gem. At around $75 a person for dinner, it’s one of those things you may only do once but it is a great experience (and includes lots of seafood!)

Fun things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Strip. Right!? Everything is pretty much there you could ever want. Weed is legal, you can drink on the streets, and there’s gambling and prostitution. Also available for fun: high end shopping, bargain shopping, amazing places to eat, museums, art galleries and much more.

See the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. It’s only accessible heading south/away from Vegas. Parking is limited but it’s cool. Prepare to stand in line for about 10 minutes to get a photo and be sure to be considerate of others.

Go see a show! Whether you’re into Magic Mike XXL action, campy broadway shows, Celine Dion (a real gem), drag, or even erotic gravity defying shows such as Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity (or non-erotic “O”), there is a show for everyone. Tickets can be purchased online!

Homer Simpson Crotch GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Oh, the Zumanity!

The Neon Museum–small entrance fee to see some badass neon signs that make up Las Vegas history. There is a small fee to have professional photos taken there.

Image courtesy of Instagram

Visit the Bellagio for a free fountain show, head to the Flamingo and visit the observatory for free flamingo sightings, or even just head over to Fremont street and enjoy a mile long television screen above your heads and zip line your way over the masses. Shows play every 15 minutes and are FREE!

Las Vegas Nevada GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Fun things to do outside of Vegas

  1. Go to the Hoover Dam. An hour southeast of Las Vegas is the Hoover Dam.
  2. Take a day trip to the Grand Canyon’s south rim! There are many different tours that will take you. The drive is 9 hours round trip.
  3. Go to the Seven Magic Mountains, neon painted cairns (man made stones) that tower above the desert and are a welcome sight to break up the desert vistas. This is a great stop when you elope in Las Vegas!

    seven magic mountains elopement
  4. Kayak on Lake Las Vegas –  a man made 320 acre lake home to Celine Dion (a real gem!) and some other pricey ass homes.
  5. Drive through (and hike) Red Rocks Canyon Conservation Park. Just west of Vegas is a beautiful state park that allows for plenty of social distancing and beautiful views! Check out this styled shoot I photographed there.
red rocks canyon elopement

When is the best time to elope in Las Vegas

Face it, Las Vegas is amazing all year round. But sometimes it gets a little toasty or chilly. So, if you’re looking for “PERFECT” weather, you’ll probably want to consider March, April, October, or November. You can also avoid higher prices during these times due to the time of year with summer and winter holidays being the priciest times to visit.

Here’s the average Vegas weather all year.

Weather: H = average high; L = average low (In Fahrenheit)

  • Jan H: 58F L:39F
  • Feb H: 61F L: 41F
  • Mar H: 71F L: 49F
  • Apr H: 77F L: 55F
  • May H: 91F L: 66F
  • Jun H: 100F L: 74F
  • Jul H: 105F L: 81F
  • Aug H: 102F L: 78F
  • Sep H: 95F L: 71F
  • Oct H: 82F L: 59F
  • Nov H: 66F L: 46F
  • Dec H: 57F L: 39F

If you want to elope in Las Vegas, look no further. Las Vegas has the some of the best options for eloping and you seriously cannot go wrong. Let’s chat today about your Las Vegas elopement!

I promise you won’t regret it!

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