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Laura & Tyler’s Tabor Hill Winery Engagement in St. Joseph, Michigan

man and woman laughing with sunset in background st joseph michigan

As if one travel engagement were enough for us, we had the pleasure of traveling over 1900 miles in a period of 3 days between Las Vegas, Nevada for an epic desert portrait shoot to St. Joseph, Michigan for another magical engagement shoot with Tyler and Laura at Tabor Hill Winery and St. Joseph Lighthouse!

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Look, I live for travel. Growing up, I always was going somewhere with my parents and now that I’m a big boy, I get to travel even more with my gorgeous wife. Thankfully, she has the adventure spirit and we were able to fly from Vegas to home and then drive from Indiana to St. Joseph, Michigan to meet with Laura and Tyler.

Originally, Laura and Tyler had agreed to come to Colorado to have their engagement photographed at the Garden of the Gods. Unfortunately, due to the virus, we were set back a little bit and Colorado had to take a backseat. Thankfully, Laura told me that they love southern Michigan and that Tyler had actually proposed at Tabor Hill Winery in the fall of 2019. So, it worked out perfectly that I was super familiar with Tabor Hill and the St. Joseph area having photographed many other couples in the area.

wine bottle tabor hill winery with engagement ring

Tabor Hill Winery is located south of St. Joseph, Michigan about 20 minutes and is just a short drive to gorgeous beaches on Lake Michigan. It’s also surrounded by dozens of other amazing wineries and for the Midwest, they do wine really well. In fact, Southwest Michigan does an amazing job with wine. I’ll actually be featuring a blog about that at a later time.

couple kissing at tabor hill winery in vineyard

Laura and Tyler drove up and we had a blast sipping on wine and then adventuring over to the beach to capture a super beautiful sunset with the St. Joseph lighthouse in the background.

If you’ve never had the chance to swing over to St. Joe…just go do yourself and a do it! They don’t have a ton of AirBnB options but you can find amazing pizza at Silver Beach Pizza and some cost-effective hotels just a few moments away from the beach.

laughing couple drinking wine

Thank you, Laura and Tyler for making my Michigan dreams come true again! I love the place and you two are so wonderful. I cannot wait to celebrate with you both next year at your wedding at New Journey Farms!

Much love!


PS: If you want to see another amazing engagement at Tabor Hill Winery, check out Kenzie and Michael’s engagement there from last summer!

couple sitting in vineyard at tabor hill winery
couple running at tabor hill winery st. joseph, michigan
laughing couple at sunset
couple dancing at sunset on a beach in st. joseph michigan lighthouse
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