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Matt & Tiffani – A Celery Bog Engagement in West Lafayette, Indiana

man and woman sitting together at celery bog west lafayette indiana engagement session

Have you ever met someone that you just didn’t think you’d like? There was just something about them that made you upset and you just didn’t know what it was about them? Well this Celery Bog engagement session in West Lafayette, Indiana is exactly that type of story. Sort of.

man and woman kissing at their engagement session in west lafayette indiana celery bog

Matt & Tiffani met 9 years ago working together.

Like many popular romcoms, (that’s romantic comedies for all you Nate Dale’s that didn’t realize that romcom meant romantic comedy until 2020.) Sometimes two people are brought together and it just doesn’t work. Tiffani and Matt met nearly a decade ago at their job in McDonalds.

Tiffani shared that she had just suffered a pretty bad breakup and had to work with Matt on nightshift after his transfer. While they tolerated one another, they certainly did NOT like one another.

man and woman dancing in a field at the celery bog in west lafayette indiana

But we all know that is how all romcoms start!

As luck would have it, Tiffani and Matt had friends that began dating and to make things less awkward on that first date, their friend’s brought them along. That’s when things began to change.

man lifting woman at engagement session at the celery bog in west lafayette indiana

Tiffani and Matt no longer despised one another and Tiffani shared that she even thought he was good looking.

Their first date took place at at a local pub in town where Tiff and Matt had an amazing time, laughing and having the best time. She later decorated his entire truck with flowers and he later came to her house and returned the favor by giving her a single red rose.

Their engagement took place in the summer of 2019 in Mexico while on vacation at an inclusive resort. Matt had planned with the tour guide to propose in a secluded sea cave that the tour took them by. The tour guide took Tiffani and put her into a special circle in the cave and turned off all the lights, telling her that this was a special place where men made the ultimate sacrifice for their women. When he turned the lights back on, Matt was there proposing to Tiffani.

It’s been 9 years now since their first date and since then, they’ve celebrated the addition of 3 dogs into their family, purchased two homes, and are established in new careers. Their wedding this fall will take place outdoors in a beautiful green space outside of Lafayette, Indiana with their family and friends.

Thank you, Tiffani and Matt for sharing in your love journey with me! Megan and I cannot wait to celebrate with you this fall!

Enjoy these beautiful engagement photos from the Celery Bog in West Lafayette, Indiana with Matt and Tiffani!

Want to celebrate your engagement in the best way possible? Send me a message and let’s chat over a beer!

man dips woman in a dress on a bridge in west lafayette indiana celery bog
man and woman face one another touching noses at celery bog engagement in west lafayette indiana
triple exposure at west lafayette indiana celery bog engagement photo with man and woman reaching for one another with hands in the middle
man nuzzling woman neck at engagement session in a green field at celery bog west lafayette indiana

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